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A few updates to the NLSC Forum

As previously announced in this thread, we’ve made a few changes to the NLSC Forum. In a nutshell, we’ve merged some of our lesser used off-topic sections back into our NBA & Basketball Talk and General Talk sections, while moving a couple of other sections around for better organisation. Additionally, our stories section is now simply called Basketball Video Game Stories, which welcomes all story threads for basketball video games without having to name several game modes in its title.

We’ve also slightly changed the name and focus of the former Patching Help & Requests sections, which are now simply titled Help & Requests. In addition to asking for assistance in creating mods or requesting a particular mod be made, you can also ask for technical help and post other such queries in those sections. Gameplay questions and other general discussion topics still belong in the main sections for their respective game.

Finally, we’ve changed the custom title limits. You now only need to be registered for a month and have at least 100 posts to get a custom title, so register an account and join in the discussion! We’ll be making a few amendments to our rules in the near future to clear up some ambiguity and eliminate “unwritten rules” as much as possible. We may also be splitting the NBA 2K14 section into Current Gen and Next Gen, but we’ll be evaluating that after the next gen version comes out.

We hope that you don’t find the changes too confusing or inconvenient. If you have any questions about the changes, our rules or the NLSC Forum in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Nice update Andrew 🙂