Boston Celtics Face Scanning Video for NBA Live 15

As JaoSming noted in the NLSC Forum over the weekend, the official website of the Boston Celtics posted a behind the scenes video¬†of the team getting their face scans done for NBA Live 15. As expected for this early in the year, we don’t get a glimpse of NBA Live 15 itself as all in-game footage is from NBA Live 14, but as with the Coach’s Corner features over on the official NBA Live website, it provides an interesting look at the technology that is being used to develop the game.

Producer Ryan Santos interestingly notes that face scans aren’t mandatory for NBA players, but most of the Celtics players did indeed take part, reflecting the turnout of the rest of the league’s face scanning sessions for NBA Live in recent months. Art Director Paul Kashuk also demonstrates how a face is created, and talks a little about the different body models that are used in the game.

It’s worth checking out, so give it a look and feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the Forum.

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More body types are much needed in 2k games. Neat info on scanning.