The Friday Five: 5 Tips to Enjoy Dynasty & Association

Welcome to another Friday here at the NLSC, and another edition of The Friday Five! What is The Friday Five, you ask? It’s a weekly feature that I post on Fridays, containing my thoughts on a variety of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other areas of interest to our community, presented as either a list of five items or in Top 5 countdown format.

For this week’s Friday Five, I’ve decided to share five tips for getting the most enjoyment out of Dynasty and Association. There’s a lot of fun to be had in these modes, but you’ll find that your enthusiasm can ebb very quickly if you take the wrong approach with them. Here are five suggestions to keep in mind when starting a new Dynasty or Association, so that you can get the most out of the experience.

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The Friday Five: 5 Basketball Video Game Myths

Another Friday is upon us, so it’s time for a new edition of The Friday Five! If this is your first time reading The Friday Five and you’re wondering what it’s all about, it’s a feature that I post every Friday in which I talk about a variety of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other areas of interest, providing my thoughts as either a list of five items or presenting them in Top 5 countdown format.

Last week I posted a countdown of the Top 5 Easter Eggs in basketball video games, so for this week’s Friday Five I’m taking a look at five basketball video game myths. Rumours and video games go hand in hand thanks to the presence of actual hidden content, the tendency for gaming publications to indulge in April Fools’ gags, trolls intentionally spreading misinformation and simple misunderstandings. Basketball games are no different, so let’s separate fact from fiction and debunk five basketball video games myths.

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The Friday Five: Top 5 Easter Eggs in Basketball Video Games

Welcome everyone to this week’s edition of The Friday Five! For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Friday Five, this is a feature that I post every Friday in which I talk about a variety of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other areas of interest, providing my thoughts as either a list of five items or presenting them in Top 5 countdown format.

Although basketball video games keep our community entertained with the features advertised on the back of the box, throughout the years several Easter Eggs have served to enhance the gaming experience, facilitate modding or simply give us a bit of a laugh when we discover them. As such, these are my picks for the Top 5 Easter Eggs in Basketball Video Games.

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NLSC Podcast on iTunes & Blubrry; Update on Next Episode

In case you missed the update on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages, the weekly NLSC Podcast is now available through iTunes and is also listed on Blubrry, so be sure to subscribe! You can also continue to stream or download each episode right here on the NLSC and check out a complete listing of all our episodes here in our Wiki.

Quite a lot of you are listening to the podcast, so we thank you for your support! We’re definitely interested to hear your feedback on the show though, so in addition to responding to any of our comments on the subjects we discuss, we’d also like to know how you feel about the length of the episodes, the range of topics we discuss, whether you’re bothered by occasional profanity or anything else we can take on board to make the NLSC Podcast enjoyable to listen to.

We’ll also be recording a new episode within the next couple of days and we’re interested in your thoughts on how future NBA Live and NBA 2K games could improve as far as enhancing the Dynasty, Association and MyCAREER experience, especially when it comes to our story threads. We invite you to have your say here in the pre-podcast discussion!

The Friday Five: 5 Best Basketball Video Game Intros

Welcome to another edition of The Friday Five! This is a weekly feature appearing every Friday, in which I discuss a variety of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other subjects of interest to our community, either by listing five items or counting them down in Top 5 format.

As video game technology has improved, we’ve come to expect high quality cinematic intros that immediately draw us into a game and make us want to spend hours playing it. Basketball games are no exception, with their intros ideally getting us pumped for some virtual hoops action by highlighting just how exciting the sport can be. This week, I present my picks for the five best basketball video game intros…at least so far.

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General File Additions – Find That Hex & Dorna References

We have a couple of general file additions for you today. The first is a new tool by Leftos, Find That Hex, which allows you to find non byte-aligned hex data in a file. This is particularly useful for finding the offsets for data in NBA 2K13’s roster files, which in turn allows Leftos to add more features to the NBA 2K13 Roster Editor. For more info on that, see this thread. The second file is a pack of dorna reference shots from 1990-2000, which is particularly useful if you’re making retro arena updates. You can pick them both up at the links below.

Find That Hex

Dornas Reference Shots Compilation (1990-2000)

New Poll: Simming Habits

A new poll is now up, which asks “Do you mostly play or simulate games in modes like Dynasty, Association & MyCAREER?”. What are your simming habits when it comes to basketball video games? Do you only play important games while simming in between? Do you play most games but simulate the occasional matchup you find unappealing or believe you can win easily? Cast your vote now and feel free to tell us more in the comments below.

Our previous poll asked “How often do you play basketball video games?”. Not surprisingly, 38% of you indicated that you play them every day, while 29% of you are hitting the virtual hardwood on most days of the week. 19% are playing basketball video games two or three days a week, 9% set aside time for a weekly session of basketball gaming and a final 5% aren’t playing quite as often these days.

New Poll: How often do you play basketball video games?

How often do you play basketball video games? Do you play every day, or do you save your virtual hoops action for the weekend? Do you mix up your basketball gaming with other genres, or do you play basketball games exclusively for a while after you pick them up? Are basketball games all you play these days? Cast your vote in our new poll and tell us about your basketball gaming habits in the comments below!

Our last poll asked “How do you rate NBA 2K13 so far?” and the results indicated a mostly positive reaction to this year’s game, with 39% deeming it excellent and a further 33% calling it good. 16% weren’t too impressed, opining that NBA 2K13 is just alright, 7% were even less enthused as they voted for “not great” and a final 5% indicated that they were completely disappointed in this year’s offering, giving their vote to “Terrible!”. Be sure to join in all of the NBA 2K13 discussion here in the NLSC Forum.

General File Additions – Headshots Packs

Dc311 has put together some packs of high quality headshots of NBA players, accurate as of the 2012 NBA Media Day. The files are in PNG format and are perfect for anyone creating face and portrait updates for both NBA Live and NBA 2K. You can download these resources, available in seven separate packs, at the links below.

2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 1
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 2
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 3
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 4
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 5
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 6
2012/2013 Player Headshots Pack 7

Patching & Modding: Tips for Getting Started

One of the first things that most people discover when they join our community here at the NLSC, or indeed what brings them here in the first place, is our collection of downloads for NBA Live and NBA 2K. Usually after trying out a few updates and marvelling at the skill and creativity of the talented individuals in the community, a lot of people ask the question: How can I do this myself?

We have a collection of tutorials that teach you the specifics of making different kinds of updates for NBA Live and NBA 2K, but I thought it might be helpful to compile some general tips on how to start making your own patches and mods. It’s always nice to see new people trying their hand at making updates for their fellow gamers, so I hope this article will prove to be useful for those of you looking to join the ranks of patchers in our community.

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New Poll: Playing basketball video games online and offline

We now have a new poll up which asks: “Do you mostly play basketball video games online or offline?” Cast your vote now and feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!

Our previous poll asked “Do you consider yourself a sim or arcade player when it comes to basketball video games?” It appears as though most folks around these parts seek realism from their virtual basketball experience, with 67% of voters identifying themselves as sim players compared to only 8% who consider themselves arcade players. A further 25% saw themselves as being somewhere in between.

General File Additions

Jhiane has released the following resource which contains accurate colours for use in creating jersey updates. It should be useful to jersey patchers for both NBA Live and NBA 2K.

True Colours Resource for Jersey Making

Ronnie2K Contacting Celebrities for an NBA 2K “Opportunity”

Not exactly the first tidbit of news I wanted to hear about next year’s version of the NBA 2K series, but Ronnie2K has been contacting various celebrities through twitter, saying:

Have a fun opportunity for you pertaining to the NBA 2K franchise. Follow and direct message me back ASAP if interested.

Celebrities he’s contacted include Spike Lee, David Spade, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Khloe Kardashian. At this time there is no information pertaining to what this “opportunity” is, and how it will effect the game we will be playing in the Fall. If you’ve got an idea, feel free to share it in the comments or in this Forum thread.

NLL starting new season, seeking GMs

The NLL is gearing up for a new season of play and currently have vacancies that they’re looking to fill. Originally founded in 2001 as an NBA Live league, the NLL is now using NBA 2K and runs one season per year, following along with the real NBA season. It strives for realism and aims to have the deepest GM experience possible with plenty of interactive features including trades, drafting rookies and a realistic salary cap. Player ratings are also updated on a monthly basis based on real life performance.

For details on the available teams and how to get involved, please visit the NLL website ASAP. Be sure to check out the FAQ and Rules pages for more information on how the league runs and your responsibilities as a GM.

NLSC Forum Discussion: Journeyman Shaq

Unquestionably one of the greatest and most dominant players in the history of the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal’s services have been sought out by a number of teams throughout his career. He’s also been one of the most wanted players in NBA video games, with the Diesel changing uniforms and landing all over the league in several Dynasty and Association games in years gone by.

NLSC Forum user badreligionau – who also happens to have one of the best Dynasty stories going – has started a discussion called Journeyman Shaq, with the aim of collecting screenshots of Shaq on all the different teams that he’s ended up with during the course of Dynasty and Association games. You’re also invited to come up with city-specific nicknames for all of Shaq’s virtual stints around the league. Eleven teams are currently represented, including five of the six teams he actually played for, so join in the fun!