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March 12th Official Roster Update for NBA 2K13 Out Now

A new official roster for NBA 2K13 has come through, containing lineups that have been updated through March 12th, 2013. As promised by Ronnie 2K, the Air Jordan XX8s have been added in the latest update, worn by Russell Westbrook and carrying a +5 Dunk bonus. The injury status of various players has been updated and Aaron Brooks now appears on the Rockets, though there are still some errors and missing players.

The new rosters will come through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii U is connected to the Internet. As always, PC users may also choose to make use of our offline update pack, which contains the latest roster and online data files. You can check out a video rundown of the latest update here, courtesy of Operation Sports.

Help Needed with Story & Event Generator for NBA 2K13

If you are unaware, Leftos and I are in the beginning stages of creating a revolutionary tool for NBA 2K13, which could possibly also support past NBA 2K and Live games. We do not have a name for it yet, but essentially the tool would add more depth to the Association, Dynasty, or MyCAREER modes we all play. You can listen to the brainstorm we had during our Impromptu Podcast (starting around the 2 hour mark), see a mock up and further explanation in this YouTube video, and participate with your own ideas and events in this Forum thread.

Right now, I am looking for help defining the various personalities seen in the NBA. Not help with how these personalities are defined (which is the next step), but simply listing out personalities like a veteran who just wants a ring before retirement, a rookie with money on his mind or an injury prone player looking to rebound. For a better explanation, watch this YouTube video, and participate in the comments below or in the Forum thread. Thank you!

File Additions for NBA 2K13

Been waiting for some new files for NBA 2K13? Then check out today’s batch of additions which include the latest version of Leftos’ Roster Editor, Mythbuster’s arena update for the Bobcats, another custom title screen, an updated version of an accessory pack for Derrick Rose and a Christmas jersey for the Wizards. Please see below for all the download links.

NBA 2K13 Roster Editor (Updated to v0.23.0.4)

Time Warner Cable Arena

Miami Heat Big 3 Title Screen

Derrick Rose Adidas Accessories (Updated to v2.0)

Washington Wizards Christmas Jersey

Further Thoughts & Reflections on MyCAREER in NBA 2K13

Although I’ve always been more of a fan of modes such as Dynasty and Association, I’ve found myself mostly playing MyCAREER in NBA 2K13. If the early results of our latest poll are any sort of indication, I’m not alone in my enthusiasm as MyCAREER seems to be the mode that a lot of people are spending the most time in this year.

I’ve already posted some thoughts on MyCAREER in my full review of NBA 2K13 but since I’ve recently completed my first season with the Denver Nuggets, I’ve decided to post some further thoughts and reflections. While my experiences were quite positive on the whole, there are certainly areas where the mode could be improved upon, ideally as soon as NBA 2K14.

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New Poll: Which mode have you been playing most in NBA 2K13?

As you may have noticed, we now have a new poll up which asks “Which mode have you been playing most in NBA 2K13?” Cast your vote now, feel free to leave a comment about your NBA 2K13 gaming habits and preferences in the comments below, and be sure to check out the NBA 2K13 section of the Forum for all the latest discussions and mod releases.

Our last poll asked “Do you mostly play or simulate games in modes like Dynasty, Association & MyCAREER?” 35% of voters indicated that they prefer to play all of the games, with a further 20% playing most of the games. 22% end up simming most of the games, while for 19% of voters it’s about 50/50 when it comes to playing and simming. A final 4% choose to sim all of the games in their chosen mode.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

Thanks to our talented and enthusiastic modding community, we now have over 700 files for NBA 2K13 in our Downloads section. Thanks as always to everyone who continues to contribute! The latest additions include a custom title screen, a new Christmas jersey for the Warriors, a face pack by AmaroWaade, retroman’s latest retro arenas and more. Pick them up at the links below and enhance your game today!

Houston Rockets Title Screen

Golden State Warriors Christmas Jersey

AmaroWaade Face Pack 1

2002-2005 American Airlines Arena in Miami
1990-1996 Market Square Arena in Indiana
2003-2006 Pepsi Center in Denver
2007-2008 Wachovia Center in Philadelphia (Revised)
1999-2002 Pepsi Center in Denver (Updated to Final version)

Adidas Crazyfast + Adibash 3

Dwyane Wade 2004/2005 Face

File Additions for NBA 2K13

As we mentioned once again in our latest podcast, our community continues to do a fantastic job modding NBA 2K13 and have provided us with several new files for the game today. Today’s additions include a Christmas jersey for the Timberwolves, a fictional court for the Heat, a couple of shoe packs, a custom title screen and four new retro arenas. See below for all the download links.

Minnesota Timberwolves Christmas Jersey

Miami Heat Fictional Court

Adidas Howard Light + Ghost 2

1995-1997 Key Arena at Seattle Center Coliseum
1997-2000 Key Arena at Seattle Center Coliseum
1995-1997 Madison Square Garden IV
1997-2000 Madison Square Garden IV

Washington Wizards Title Screen

KD IV, Kobe 7, Kobe 8 & LJ IX

NLSC Podcast – Episode #20

Episode #20 of the NLSC Podcast is celebrated with more predictions, along with the usual talk about the NBA, basketball video games and more. Join Leftos, Ben and myself for a milestone episode in which we discuss a multitude of topics from the past week, while once again bantering about this and that along the way.

  • Stranded somewhere between the review and preview seasons, we instead talk about the exciting new project devised during last week’s Impromptu-cast by Leftos and JaoSming.
  • We go over some of the great ideas posted so far and how the community can help out. We also mention a couple of things we’d rather not see in the project.
  • We wander off topic for a moment to talk about movies, quality acting and support systems for young actors and athletes alike.
  • In this week’s community round-up, Leftos has some more good news about tools and we approach a new milestone in our Downloads section.
  • I offer some reflections on my NBA 2K13 MyCAREER game, following an NBA championship in the first season.
  • Will NBA 2K13 PC ever receive the official patch? Should we be worried about the likelihood of future PC releases?
  • We move on to this week’s NBA discussion which includes angry Tweets, a big game by Stephen Curry and the impressive play of the Miami Heat.
  • Will LeBron James enter the dunk contest? Would the other participants get Magic’s $1 million if they end up winning instead?
  • We salute Dennis Rodman, diplomat extraordinaire!
  • After some talk about other video games that have come out recently, Ben has a few more questions for the community.

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As always, we welcome your thoughts on our discussion and the show in general in the comments below or this thread in the Forum, along with your answers to Ben’s latest round of questions.

March 5th Official Roster for NBA 2K13 Out Now

A new, very minor official roster update for NBA 2K13 has gone live, containing lineups that have been updated through March 5th, 2013. The new roster contains only three changes, specifically Louis Amundson to the Chicago Bulls, Juwan Howard to the Miami Heat and an update to Tony Parker’s injury status. 10 players are still missing and a few other errors/inaccuracies are also present.

The new roster will be pushed through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii U is connected to the Internet. PC users who would prefer to update their game manually may do so with our offline update pack, which contains the latest roster and online data files.

For the shoe buffs, Ronnie 2K has also noted that 2K are “hopeful” that the Jordan XX8s will be added to NBA 2K13 within the next couple of roster updates.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

We have a variety of new and updated files for NBA 2K13 PC for you today. Leftos has updated the Roster Editor and Keep My Mod, while releases from the community include an update pack for the FIBA 2K13 Mod, a Christmas jersey for the Trail Blazers, an arena update for the Thunder, retro arena for the Pistons, an NBA TV scoreboard for 16:10 monitors, new net physics, updated coaching profiles and a super global. Download them all at the links below!

As of this post, we have 691 files for NBA 2K13, rapidly approaching the total number of files for NBA 2K12 in our database (785). A huge thanks once again to everyone who continues to contribute to the Downloads section and make use of our upload facilities. Please keep all the great work coming!

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File Additions for NBA 2K13

Time for some more new and updated files for NBA 2K13! Leftos continues to update the Roster Editor, which as of this post is now at version and jam packed with features to see us through to the release of REDitor. retroman also continues to release retro court updates, while Pepis has updated a couple of his retro jerseys and released a new basketball pack. See below for all the download links!

NBA 2K13 Roster Editor (Updated to v0.23.0.1)

1995-2000 Palace at Auburn Hills
1995-1998 Miami Arena in Miami
1996-1997 Charlotte Arena in Charlotte
1996-1997 Delta Center in Salt Lake City
1998-1999 Staples Center in Los Angeles
2002-2003 Pyramid in Memphis
1984 Mecca Arena in Milwaukee
1999-2004 Pepsi Center in Denver
2001-2004 The Palace at Auburn Hills

Spalding NBA Money Balls
Orlando Magic 90s Jersey (Updated to v2.0)
Phoenix Suns 90s Jersey (Updated to v2.0)

March 2nd Official Roster for NBA 2K13 Out Now

A new official roster update for NBA 2K13 is now available, containing lineups that have been updated through March 2nd, 2013. The rosters will come through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Wii U is connected to the Internet, but if you’re playing the game on PC and would like to update your game manually, you may do so using our offline update pack.

Six players have had their ratings edited in the latest roster, namely Tony Parker, Stephen Curry, Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala, Dion Waiters and Royce White. Patrick Beverley and Mike James have also been added to the roster and some minor transactions have been accounted for, though there are still a few missing players and transactions and Alvin Gentry is still coaching the Phoenix Suns. You can find Rashidi’s analysis of the latest roster here and watch a video rundown of the roster here courtesy of Operation Sports.

NLSC Podcast – Leftos & JaoSming Impromptu-cast

Late Thursday night in Athens, early in the evening in Vermont, Leftos and JaoSming get together seemingly just to play some Trials Evolution Gold Edition and chat. One hour in, just as Jon is finishing every single track in the single player “campaign”, they realise they are talking about some interesting stuff. So, Leftos hits record and an impromptu podcast happens.

  • JaoSming shows off his mad skills in Trials, but admits he can screw up pretty much everything else.
  • They go through what stuff your favorite duo has done together since that Episode #6 when they were last together on the NLSC Podcast.
  • JaoSming makes some bold claims about NBA 2K13, and they both go over the ways they enjoy the game.
  • They introduce the upcoming Roster Workshop tool for NBA 2K13.
  • Leftos reminisces about how his NBA Stats Tracker tool started, how far it’s gone, and how it can help both real-life coaches and NBA 2K gamers enhance their experience and gain an advantage over their opponents.
  • They discuss how Brad Pitt stole a Cavaliers’ stats guy in Moneyball. Wait, what?
  • They go back to how their strong friendship began. Spoiler: It was yet another tool that brought them together.
  • The troubles of decoding the roster are brought up; both have immense respect for Vlad and what he does every year.
  • JaoSming tries to persaude everyone he’s still a good husband and father.
  • An interesting question is brought up: When doing an Association, do you treat your players as real people, or do you ignore them completely and do your thing knowing its just a videogame? What’s more engaging when you introduce your Association to an audience?
  • NBA Inside 09 is brought up, which apparently was a terrible basketball game, but had a good storyline, something that’s missing from all other basketbal games.
  • Suddenly, magic happens, as they decide they’re going to start the biggest (and most interesting, possibly) project they’ve ever undertaken, and change the way basketball games are played. We’re not kidding.

Click Play to listen to the show!

We hope you enjoy this impromptu bonus episode of the NLSC Podcast! Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below or here in the Forum, and don’t forget to check out Episode #19 featuring Leftos, Ben and myself, released earlier this week.

File Additions for NBA 2K13

Tip off your weekend of basketball gaming with the latest file additions for NBA 2K13 PC! Leftos has released a new version of the NBA 2K13 Roster Editor, retroman has uploaded retro courts for the Hornets, Bucks, Hawks and Bobcats, and exrxixxx has put out a new NBA TV scoreboard optimised for 16:9 monitors.

Want more? There are a couple of custom title screens courtesy of millenniumTCK, DavidBeckham23 updated his Boston Celtics Europe Live 2007 jersey pack and Alpha Justice has provided us with some new shoes for Derrick Rose. There are 11 new or updated files in all today, which you can pick up at the links below.

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The Friday Five: 5 Basketball Video Game Myths

Another Friday is upon us, so it’s time for a new edition of The Friday Five! If this is your first time reading The Friday Five and you’re wondering what it’s all about, it’s a feature that I post every Friday in which I talk about a variety of topics related to basketball video games, the real NBA and other areas of interest, providing my thoughts as either a list of five items or presenting them in Top 5 countdown format.

Last week I posted a countdown of the Top 5 Easter Eggs in basketball video games, so for this week’s Friday Five I’m taking a look at five basketball video game myths. Rumours and video games go hand in hand thanks to the presence of actual hidden content, the tendency for gaming publications to indulge in April Fools’ gags, trolls intentionally spreading misinformation and simple misunderstandings. Basketball games are no different, so let’s separate fact from fiction and debunk five basketball video games myths.

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