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New Poll: Favourite NBA Team To Play With This Year

Which team are you most looking forward to playing with in NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13? The defending champion Miami Heat? Runners-up, the Oklahoma City Thunder? The revamped Los Angeles Lakers? The new-look New York Knicks or their freshly relocated rivals, the Brooklyn Nets? Or someone else entirely? Cast your vote in our new poll!

Our previous poll asked “Who do you think will be on the cover of NBA Live 13?” Despite reports that the game will be a digital only release through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, it’s likely to still have a “cover” similar to the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine, which featured Derrick Rose. If so, 61% of voters feel LeBron James will be the face of the game, 10% picked Kyrie Irving, 8% voted for Russell Westbrook and 6% are guessing Chris Paul. A final 15% believe it will be someone else entirely.

Feel free to add your thoughts on the team you’re looking forward to playing with in the comments below, and join in the discussion in the NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13 sections of the NLSC Forum.

IRB Gamer Reports NBA Live 13 Coming in October via Digital Release

For the past couple of months, there hasn’t been much in the way of news on NBA Live 13, just plenty of speculation. However, IRB Gamer are reporting that the game will indeed be coming out in October as a digital release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, with a price tag of $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

The info apparently comes directly from an EA representative at the GameStop Expo in San Antonio. The report also quotes the EA rep as saying “(t)he tactic is to get feedback from gamers”, perhaps suggesting that the game will receive several updates before returning to a disc based release next year. It is important to note however that no official public confirmation has come from EA as yet.

What’s your reaction to the news? Post your thoughts in the comments below, as well as this thread in the NBA Live 13 section of the Forum. Thanks to 22cedric for the heads up.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #2

The weekly NLSC Podcast is back! JaoSmingPdub and Leftos are your hosts for this episode, in which they touch upon:

  • All the mods being released for games ranging from NBA Live 99 to NBA 2K12
  • JaoSming being only good at NBA Live 2004 anymore, while getting his ass kicked playing his own mods
  • The NBA 2K13 achievements, and whether MyTEAM could be Crew
  • What has us the most excited for NBA 2K13 so far
  • The NBA Live 13 footage, and whether we’d buy a more polished version of the game we saw
  • What teams we’re most looking forward to playing with and against in this year’s games
  • …and more!

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

Starting today, we’re extending an invitation to the community to create your own intros and outros for the Podcast! Put your creative sides to work, use anything that isn’t going to get us into trouble (nothing copyrighted), even abuse soundbites from the podcasts so far if that’s your cup of tea. Upload your creations and give us a link at the Podcast thread in the forums. Don’t forget that you can use the same thread, as well as the comment section below, to give us your opinion about the podcast. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d like to hear us talking about in a next podcast.

Pre-Alpha Footage from NBA Live 13 Leaked

Earlier today, a ten minute video featuring footage from a pre-alpha version of NBA Live 13, quite possibly the build on display at E3 2012, was leaked via YouTube user insidegamer. The clip has since been removed from YouTube but is available to view here over on Kotaku.

When Kotaku reached out to EA Sports, a representative confirmed that the build seen in the video is a months-old pre-alpha and stressed that it “is not an official EA Sports release” and “does not represent a final build or feature set for NBA Live.” Discuss the leak in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 13 section of the Forum.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of the NLSC Podcast! This is a feature we’ll be looking to do every week, though at this time we’re still sorting out the kinks, experimenting with the format and deciding upon a schedule.

JaoSming and Leftos are your hosts for this first episode, in which they touch upon:

  • The latest happenings in the NLSC Community
  • The NBA 2K13 “preview season”, which is picking up steam
  • What they’re looking forward to in NBA 2K13
  • Thoughts on the impressions we’ve received from the NBA 2K13 Team Up participants
  • The lack of info on NBA Live 13

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

Please note that this was recorded before the release of the second Developer Insight video for NBA 2K13 and the leaked footage of NBA Live 13. Please also excuse the audio quality, this is something we’ll be cleaning up in future episodes. We hope you enjoy the podcast, please leave your thoughts in the comments below as well as in this thread, and stay tuned for the next episode!

NBA Live 95 Featured as part of EA Sports’ Throwback Thursday

Interestingly, the official NBA Live Facebook page joined in the weekly EA Sports Throwback Thursday festivities by featuring NBA Live 95, the game that tipped off the series. On the main EA Sports Facebook page, the NBA Live 10 cover was also featured in this week’s Throwback Thursday, in which the 2009 releases were highlighted.

While it may not mean anything, it would appear that EA Sports are still trying to keep everyone aware of the NBA Live brand, suggesting that long awaited news on NBA Live 13 may at last be finally around the corner. It’s also worth noting that the official Facebook page for the NHL series also featured several old covers in between news for NHL 13.

It was also speculated a few weeks back that the reveal of the NBA Live 13 cover might follow the posting of the NBA Live 10 cover on Throwback Thursdays, which would place the announcement sometime next week. However, the timeframe for the cover announcement and the unveiling of more news and preview media for NBA Live 13 remains unconfirmed at this time.

Feel free to speculate in the comments below, as well as in the NBA Live 13 section of the Forum. For those who’d like to dust off their old copies of NBA Live 95 for PC, you’ll find that it works perfectly in DOSBox. We’ve also still got a collection of old updates for the game here in our Downloads section, along with the NBA Live Vintage section of the Forum for all your old school discussion needs.

NBA Live 13 & NBA 2K13 Countdown Games Update

We’re now less than two months away from October 2nd, the confirmed release date of NBA 2K13 and the projected release date of NBA Live 13. As we’ve now passed the 55 day mark in our Countdown threads, the game is getting a little easier. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it simply involves posting a picture of a player whose jersey number matches the number of days remaining until the release. This year we’re running two threads, so if you miss out on posting the player of your choice in one thread, you’ve got a second chance…if you’re quick.

Join in the fun here:
NBA Live 13 Countdown
NBA 2K13 Countdown

And as always, we invite you to dive into the rest of the discussion and speculation in our NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13 sections.

NBA Live 13 Cover Leaked? (Operation Sports)

Operation Sports has a very interesting scoop today, potentially revealing the cover player of NBA Live 13 as LeBron James. OS has posted an image of the cover art that they received from an anonymous source, depicting LeBron James in a much more artistic manner compared to previous covers. You can check out the image for yourself below.

In our current poll, LeBron James is the popular prediction for the NBA Live 13 cover, with 61% of the vote as of this post. Is he your pick as well? What do you think of the possibly leaked cover? Have your say in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA Live 13 section of our Forum.

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NBA Live 13 Pulled From Media Event; Has Not Been Cancelled

For everyone who’s been waiting for more news on NBA Live 13, including the announcement of the cover player, it appears we will have to wait a little longer as the game has been pulled from EA Sports’ media event tomorrow. While the move is disappointing and is causing some concern about the status of the game, Kotaku’s Owen Good has been told that the game has not been quietly cancelled and “at this stage” will be released on October 2nd alongside NBA 2K13, or at least before the season tips off on October 30th.

“The development team at our Tiburon studio is working hard to get the game to beta,” the statement added, “and we’ll have a hands-on experience later this summer.”

It remains to be seen when new information will be made available but once again we’ll be doing our best to bring you as much of it as possible right here on the NLSC. In the meantime, we invite you to join in the discussion in the NBA Live 13 section of our Forum, as well as leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

NBA Live 13 being shown at media event on Thursday

As per this Tweet by’s Jon Robinson, EA Sports will be showcasing NBA Live 13 to a select group of media outlets this Thursday. No further details are available at this time, but this may mean that we are at long last on the verge of getting some more information on the game, including perhaps the cover announcement.

We’ll be doing our best to stay on top of the news as it breaks and hope to bring you a few exclusives right here on the NLSC, but in the meantime feel free to join in the discussion of what you’re expecting from NBA Live 13 and what you want to see in this year’s game in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum.

New Poll: NBA Live 13 Cover Player

The announcement of the cover player for NBA Live 13 can’t be too far away, along with more information on this year’s game, so we’ve got a new poll question for everyone: Who do you think will be on the cover of NBA Live 13? Cast your vote, post your pick in the comments below and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum!

Our last poll asked How do you rate the 2011/2012 NBA season? Despite the delayed start and uneven play caused by last year’s lockout, it seems most people still enjoyed the 2012 season with 37% calling it excellent, while a further 31% opined that it was good. 19% felt it was just alright, while only 7% deemed it not great and 6% didn’t enjoy it at all, declaring it terrible. Be sure to join in all the offseason chatter in our NBA & Basketball Talk section.

NBA Live 13 Cover Announcement Speculation

As we wait for more news on NBA Live 13 and the reveal of this year’s cover player, NLSC Forum member JerrodSwanson22 has put forth an interesting suggestion. He noted that the official NBA Live Facebook page has been sharing images of the previous NBA Live covers as part of EA Sports’ “Throwback Thursdays”, beginning with NBA Live 2005 on July 5th. Should this be leading up to the cover reveal for NBA Live 13, the announcement could be coming on August 23rd if they also include the NBA Elite 11 cover, or August 16th if they don’t; the latter is perhaps more likely.

This video from mid June also mentions the cover announcement coming in a month to six weeks, which could indicate it’s happening this week or next. Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose can all be ruled out as they will be gracing the NBA 2K13 cover, but LeBron James remains a popular suggestion, especially given the silhouette that has appeared in teaser images for NBA Live 13 so far.

When do you think the cover announcement will be made? Who do you think it will be? And what are your thoughts as we eagerly await more news on the game? Sound off in the comments below and join in the discussion in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum!

EA Sports Resurrects NBA Live 13 (GamerLiveTV)

Here’s another interview with NBA Live 13 executive producer Nick Wlodyka that we overlooked back in June, conducted by GamerLiveTV at E3 2012. Once again, a lot of the information in the video is stuff that we already know, however it does make mention of signature animations (including jumpshots, leaners, fadeaways and dunks), as well as signature emotions (such as LeBron puffing out his cheeks when driving to the basket).

Check it out below for a concise summary of everything that’s been revealed about NBA Live 13 so far, or watch it here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below and jump into the discussion in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum. Thanks to our own Arcane for the heads up!

NBA Live 13 Interview (

Here is an interview that conducted with NBA Live 13 producer Nick Wlodyka back at E3 2012, which we somehow missed posting back in June. The interview provides a good rundown of the info we know so far from their approach to the game, their main goals with NBA Live 13 and the sharing of ANT animation technology with the NHL and FIFA series.

It also reveals a couple of interesting tidbits that haven’t been talked about much, including updates to player faces throughout the season, the inclusion of different body models and wingspans and hot and cold streaks based on both real NBA data and the user’s experience. It’s a solid interview and definitely worth checking out, so watch it below or here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. As always, we invite you to leave a comment below with your thoughts, as well as take part in the latest discussion that’s going on in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum.

Countdown to NBA Live 13 & NBA 2K13

It’s just over a couple of months until the release of NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13, so we’re starting our countdown game in the NLSC Forum! For those who are unfamiliar with it, the game involves posting pictures of players wearing the jersey number that corresponds to the number of days left until the games are released. Since quite a few jersey numbers above #55 have not been worn by any NBA players, creativity is encouraged!

We’ve got a countdown thread for each game this year, so if you miss out on posting your favourite player in one countdown you’ve got a chance to post them in the other one.

Join in the fun today and be a part of the latest discussion in the NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13 sections of the Forum!