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NBA Live 13: Gameplay Expectations

With E3 right around the corner, I recently took a look at what we know so far about NBA Live 13. Now I’d like to move on to speculating on what we might see and discussing what I’d like to see in this year’s game, starting with gameplay. I’ll be posting my thoughts on Dynasty and other game modes, online features and more over the next few days as part of the lead up to E3.

Just so there’s no confusion before I go on, I’ll reiterate that this article is not confirming any details on NBA Live 13; rather, it is purely my hopes and speculation. Additionally, if some of the points I cover seem unambitious, it’s because I’m focusing on things I believe will make NBA Live 13 a solid, satisfying game and can also feasibly be done this year, rather than examining everything the series could possibly do to fulfill its potential.

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NBA Live 13: What We Know So Far

With E3 likely to bring more substantial news on NBA Live 13, I thought I’d take a moment to give a rundown of what we know about the game so far and offer a few of my thoughts on the details that have emerged to date. Over the next week or so in the lead up to E3, I’ll also be posting some more of my thoughts on what I’m hoping to see in this year’s game, as well as what I think we’re likely to see.

We’re looking forward to bringing you some great info during this year’s “preview season” here at the NLSC in the form of Q&As and more, so stay tuned for that stuff in the coming weeks. For the moment though, let’s take a look at what’s already been revealed and what it should mean for NBA Live 13.

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Take-Two Confirms NBA 2K13 Release Date, Platforms

Take-Two Interactive has confirmed the previously reported release date for NBA 2K13, as well as the platforms it will be available on. The game will indeed hit stores on October 2nd 2012 and will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation Portable and PC. This is obviously excellent news for the growing NBA 2K modding community and should hopefully allay any lingering concerns about the future of the series on PC.

EA Sports have not yet confirmed the release date for NBA Live 13, however based on previous years it is highly likely that it will be coming out the same day. The platforms that NBA Live 13 will be available on also remain unconfirmed at this time, with some pre-order listings suggesting versions for the PC and Wii along with the expected Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases, while others only have 360 and PS3 listings. We hope to have more info soon, needless to say many of us here at the NLSC are hoping that this is the year that the series returns to the PC platform.

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Interview with NBA Live 13 Creative Director (MyNBALivePad) has posted an excellent interview with NBA Live 13’s Creative Director, Jason Barnes. The interview primarily talks about the new development team’s approach to authenticity in NBA Live 13, while also touching upon Jason’s basketball background and enthusiasm for the sport. For anyone who may still be concerned that NBA Live 13 will be an arcade style game in the vein of NBA Jam, Jason reiterates that the series will remain a simulation title that will strive for realism.

The interview also covers ESPN branding and presentation in NBA Live 13, with Jason mentioning some of the steps they have taken to recreate ESPN broadcasts in this year’s game. It’s well worth checking out, so be sure to give it a look. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion here in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum.

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Five Steps for an NBA Live Comeback (ESPN)’s Hilary Goldstein has posted an opinion piece titled “Five Steps for an NBA Live Comeback“, suggesting five things that NBA Live 13 must do or have to make a strong comeback this year. Suggestions include establishing their own identity, better differentiation between star players and role players, and the patience to build upon what they do this year.

What are the five things you think NBA Live 13 needs to do or have to make a strong comeback and get back in the game? Add your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion in this thread in our Forum.

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EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson talks NBA Live, More has posted part two of a video interview with EA Sports’ Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson, which touches on a variety of topics including NBA Live 13. While no concrete information on the game itself is given, Wilson does talk a little about their approach to the series, along with their desire to continually innovate and plan for the future.

The NBA Live segment of the interview begins at the 4:56 mark of the video, for those who would like to skip ahead. Check it out and add your thoughts in the comments below or in this thread in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum. Thanks to 22cedric for the heads up.

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New Poll: The Influence of Cover Players

With news on NBA Live 13 and NBA 2K13 likely right around the corner, speculating on the possible cover players for each game has been a popular topic in the NLSC Forum. Does the choice of cover player influence your decision to buy a game, though? Cast your vote in our new poll!

Our previous poll asked “Do you mostly play basketball video games online or offline?” It seems an overwhelming number of gamers in the community still favour offline modes such as Dynasty, Association and My Player, as “Mostly offline” garnered 83% of the vote. In contrast, just 9% indicated that they mostly play basketball video games online, while a final 8% spend an equal amount of time playing online and offline modes.

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NBA Live 13 Video: Kyrie Irving & Ricky Rubio Visit EA Sports

EA Sports have posted a behind the scenes video of Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio’s visits to the EA Tiburon studios during the 2012 All-Star Weekend in Orlando, where they met with the NBA Live 13 development team and had some hands-on time with the game. While the video doesn’t contain any gameplay footage, you can catch a quick glimpse of one of the developers working on Kyrie Irving’s cyberface.

Watch it below or catch it here on the NLSC YouTube channel if you can’t see the embedded video. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum.

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Win an all-access look at EA Sports at E3 2012

EA Sports are running a contest from May 1st through to May 15th, giving four fans the chance to win a trip to E3 2012 in Los Angeles and an all-access look at the EA Sports games on display. Enter here over on the official EA Sports Facebook page and explain why you should win the trip in 400 words or less.

Please note that the contest is only open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada (except Quebec) who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry and who had Internet access as of April 22nd, 2012. Be sure to check out the Official Rules for more details on eligibility and conditions of entry.

While EA Sports’ lineup for E3 has not been confirmed at this time, it’s certainly possible that NBA Live 13 will be on display or have some kind of presentation at the event.

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Kotaku: NBA Live Moves with a Purpose to Make You a Better Baller

Kotaku’s Owen Good has posted another piece on NBA Live 13, “NBA Live Moves with a Purpose to Make You a Better Baller”. It begins by talking about the basketball pedigree of several people involved with the game and reflects on the way many people play basketball video games, as observed by several key members of the Dev Team.

The main focus of the article however is the aim of improving teammate AI in NBA Live 13, encouraging the player to pay attention to the way their teammates are moving without the ball. It includes quotes from executive producer Nick Wlodyka, who explains the “Move With a Purpose” mantra the team has adopted and notes that they have “invested significantly in (the) off-the-ball AI” in this year’s game, shedding some light on one of their goals with gameplay in NBA Live 13.

Check out the article and add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as this thread in the NLSC Forum.

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Kotaku: Two Years Out of the NBA, EA Sports Puts Its Live Back Together

Kotaku’s Owen Good has posted an article detailing the return of NBA Live. It chronicles the cancellation of NBA Elite 11 and the series’ move to EA Tiburon, with comments from members of the Dev Team including creative director Jason Barnes, general manager Dale Jackson, executive producer Nick Wlodyka and software engineer Andres Rivela.

The article also offers the first tidbits on NBA Live 13. The game will feature full ESPN branding with NBA on ESPN-style presentation, featuring Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy in the booth. Wlodyka also talks about looking to have the game make intelligent and appropriate decisions for the user and passing controls. It’s well worth a read if you’re looking forward to NBA Live 13, so check it out and leave your thoughts below and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum.

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ThaLiveKing’s NBA Live Advisory Council Report

Steve (aka ThaLiveKing) has posted a detailed report on his experience at the NBA Live Advisory Council event here in the NLSC Forum. As with the other reports that have been posted so far, not much can be said about the game itself at this point due to a Non Disclosure Agreement, however Steve echoes the sentiments of his fellow Council members as far as having positive impressions of NBA Live 13, the Dev Team at EA Tiburon and the productivity of the event.

Be sure to check it out and show Steve some appreciation for a comprehensive and well-written report. Also, don’t forget to check out Corey Andress’ report here, as well as Mario Drake’s Minati Journal over on the official NBA Live forums.

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NBA Live Advisory Council Reports

The first reports from the NBA Live Advisory Council event are starting to come out. You can check out Mario Drake’s Minati Journal over on the official NBA Live forums for his running diary of the event, as well as Corey Andress’ first diary entry here over on his new site,

While the guys are under Non Disclosure Agreements and can’t say too much about NBA Live 13 itself at this time, both have expressed confidence in the new Dev Team at EA Tiburon and a positive outlook towards the finished product based on what they saw and their hands-on time with the game. Be sure to check out both reports and then join in the discussion of NBA Live 13 here in the NLSC Forum!

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NBA Live Advisory Council Visit Underway

The members of the first NBA Live Advisory Council are currently visiting EA’s Tiburon studio, meeting with the producers and getting some hands on time with NBA Live 13. It’s unlikely that they will be able to say too much about the game at this time but you can follow them on Twitter to send in any questions you may have and read what they are allowed to pass along. Council member and EA Game Changer Shawn Drotar has posted a handy list of the Council’s Twitter handles, which you can find here.

EA Sports are also inviting more fan feedback via this post on the official NBA Live Facebook page. And of course, we invite you to discuss your hopes and ideas for NBA Live 13 here in the NLSC Forum; as you can see from this post, the developers are keeping tabs on our Forum, so let your voice be heard!

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NBA Live Advisory Council Event Taking Place Next Week

EA Sports have posted an update on the first NBA Live Advisory Council event, which will be taking place at their Tiburon Studio in Orlando next week. The council will be meeting with the Dev Team and getting a hands on preview of NBA Live 13; as such, EA are inviting fans to comment on this post over on the official NBA Live Facebook page with questions that they’d like to have answered at the event.

ThaLiveKing from the NLSC Forum is one of the members of the council that will be taking part in the event, so if there are any questions that you’d like him to ask, feel free to suggest them in this thread. As you can also see from this post, the developers are keeping an eye on the NLSC and the NBA Live 13 section of the Forum, so keep on talking about the things that you want to see in this year’s game!

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