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NBA Live Advisory Council Members Announced

EA Sports have announced the eight members of the inaugural NBA Live Advisory Council over on the official NBA Live Facebook page. The council will be comprised of:

– Shawn Drotar
– Mario Drake
– Scott O’Gallager
– Corey Andress
– Jordan Simmons
– Harold Biscocho
– Steve Bascombe
– Dougie Veney

Congratulations to the eight council members on their selection! On a personal note, having met a couple of those guys at past community events or spoken to them via email, I have to believe that the Development Team will be receiving some excellent feedback from the council that has been put together. Discuss your hopes for NBA Live 13 below or here in the NLSC Forum.

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NBA Live Advisory Council Update

EA Sports have posted an update on the status of their NBA Live Advisory Council initiative for NBA Live 13.

After reviewing all of the submissions, we have selected 8 individuals to come and take part in the first-ever Community Advisory Council for NBA LIVE 13! It was a difficult decision and we thank everyone that took the time to submit an entry. The fan support you have shown is great, and we are excited about building the future of basketball here at EA SPORTS.

If you were chosen, you will be receiving an email shortly with further information, so be on the lookout!

The eight members of the council will be announced soon over on the official NBA Live Facebook page.

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EA Announces NBA Live Advisory Council for NBA Live 13

No concrete information, but we received a very interesting announcement from the official NBA Live Facebook page today. EA Sports are taking applications (in 100 words or less) for an Advisory Council that would work alongside and give feedback to the NBA Live 13 Development Team, based out of their Tiburon Studios. Full details can be found in this Facebook post as well as here in the Forum.  I would highly recommend everyone apply for this, even though no details on restrictions have been given.

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NBA Live is Back: Unofficial NBA Live 13 Fan Trailer

In anticipation of the first snippet of news on NBA Live 13 and to celebrate the return of the NBA Live brand, I’ve put together an unofficial fan trailer for NBA Live 13 titled “NBA Live is Back!”. Long time NBA Live fans may recognise the track as “Shak’n the Floor” by Rahzel & The NBA Live Orchestra, which was the main theme for NBA Live 2000.

Check out the trailer below or watch it here over on the NLSC’s YouTube channel if you can’t see the embedded video. I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to leave a comment below or add your thoughts in thread and be sure to join in the rest of the discussion taking place in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum!

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Thoughts on the return of NBA Live

By now, you’ve likely heard that EA Sports’ next NBA sim will mark the return of the NBA Live brand, completely abandoning the NBA Elite moniker following the cancellation of NBA Elite 11. We’re set to receive some more info on the game next Monday and so far it seems that a fair amount of people are excited to hear that EA will be switching back to the old name.

I’m certainly count myself among them and as such, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the announcement as we all wait to hear what’s in store for NBA Live 13, which appears to be carrying the tag line “Future of Basketball”. Read on for my thoughts and feel free to post yours in the comments section below.

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EA Blog: NBA Live is Back!

Following on from yesterday’s announcement about the return of NBA Live, a new blog has been posted over on EA’s official website. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail but mentions the new studio (EA Tiburon) and new development team that is working on the game. It also mentions the “Future of Basketball” tagline and hints that the team will be seeking fan feedback in the coming weeks.

We have a new studio and a new development team, and this fall we’ll launch an all-new experience that captures the future of basketball with NBA LIVE 13. 

We’re looking forward to players giving us their feedback on the game, and next month we’ll welcome in fans from around the country to join in on the process of creating NBA LIVE 13 as well – more on that on Monday, so please make sure you follow our Facebook page and Twitter handle to get the latest information.

Thanks to J-Hood for the heads up in the NLSC Forum. Join in the discussion of the newly announced NBA Live 13 here.

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NBA Live 13 Info Coming Monday on Facebook

Kyrie Irving posted another Tweet this afternoon saying info on the recently named NBA Live 13 will be coming out on Monday via the official Facebook page. EA Basketball’s Facebook page updated its name today to reflect the return of the NBA Live name, and added a new logo as well. If you don’t want to “Like” EA NBA on Facebook to get the news on Monday, we will have whatever info they provide here on the main page and in the Forum.

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EA to Bring Back the NBA Live Name with NBA Live 13

Kyrie Irving tweeted that he had an opportunity to play NBA Live 13 today while in Orlando for All Star Weekend. Of note, Irving used the Twitter hashtag #FutureOfBasketball in his tweet which might be a hint as to the slogan for the return of the NBA Live series.

Kotaku followed up with EA Sports directly, asking whether the company will be dropping the NBA Elite name and return to NBA Live. They received the following response:

“This fall we’ll launch an all-new experience that captures the future of basketball with NBA Live 13,” a spokesman said. “More to come soon.”

With EA leaving NBA Elite’s tarnished legacy behind, it will be very interesting to see what the Tiburon studio has done with NBA Live 13 whenever the game’s reveal might be. Share your thoughts on the return of the NBA Live series either in the comments or in this Forum thread.

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Top 5 Things EA’s NBA 13 Title Needs (Stick Skills)

Stick Skills have posted an article which examines the top five things that the next NBA sim title from EA Sports needs to have, from a deep Dynasty Mode to player individuality and a quality gameplay experience.

For my part, I certainly agree that those five items are among the essentials required for EA’s game to make a strong comeback this year. Have your say on the article in this thread in the NLSC Forum or in the comments below and be sure to check out our Wishlist and supplementary Wishlist materials, which we submitted to the new Dev Team at EA Tiburon last November.

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Update on next EA NBA sim details

A couple of days ago I posted a bulletin that included a video talking about EA Sports’ next NBA sim game, which will be coming out later this year. Further inquiries with EA have revealed that the information provided in the video is inaccurate, as no details about the upcoming game have been made available as yet except that the series formerly known as NBA Live will be making its return this year after a two year hiatus.

Concrete details about the game are still likely to start coming in the not too distant future however, at which point we’ll be sure to report them here on the NLSC. We’ll hopefully be able to conduct some interviews and Q&As as we’ve done in the past, as well as provide some preview media when it becomes available to us. The new dev team at EA Tiburon were very receptive to our Wishlist and Wishlist Supplements, which featured the most detailed feedback we’ve ever submitted, so hopefully we can have a positive impact on the game and the series can make a strong comeback this year. Stay tuned for more details as they’re confirmed and made available.

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Details on next EA NBA Sim Coming Soon (Hip Hop Gamer Show)

Hip Hop Gamer Show are reporting that there will be a reveal for EA Sports’ next NBA sim very soon, possibly within a couple of weeks, and offer up a few details on the game in a video that was posted a few days ago. You can check out the video embedded below, with the segment on the game beginning around the 6:40 mark.

The video hints at an upcoming event that the next sim game may be a part of before going on to talk about what EA will be looking to accomplish with physics and animations, enhanced audio presentation via EA Trax, press conference interviews, all new graphics and the presence of taunting and player emotion. It also mentions possible NCAA integration in the next NBA game making for two games in one, which would be a huge addition to the series formerly known as NBA Live.

Be sure to check out the video and add your thoughts in the comments below or in this thread; thanks to J-Hood for the heads up! Keep it locked here at the NLSC for more coverage of the next NBA sim from EA Sports as new details are made available.

UPDATE: It appears as though the information in this video is inaccurate, as no concrete details on EA’s next NBA sim have been revealed as yet.

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What basketball gamers can look forward to in 2012

2012 is upon us and before we know it, we’ll be entering a new season of previews for this year’s basketball video games. However, before those previews begin to come out and the games themselves eventually drop in October, there’ll be official updates for NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, along with plenty of community-made mods released for the PC versions of NBA 2K and NBA Live.

Join me as I take a look at some of the things basketball gamers have to look forward to in 2012!

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EA’s NBA sim still on track for 2012 (’s The Gamer)

NBA Elite 11: Kevin Durant’s Jon Robinson has posted a short article on EA’s next NBA sim game, which will be released October next year in time for the 2012/2013 NBA season. There isn’t much to report at this time but the article does include some quotes from EA Sports president Andrew Wilson, who reiterates their goal of bouncing back strong after a two year hiatus for the franchise.

“Anytime you’re looking to reboot a franchise, you’re looking to find a different type of creative energy,” Wilson told me as I sat down with him at a recent EA Sports event. “When we rebooted the ‘FIFA’ franchise, we introduced a whole new team that rebuilt that engine from scratch. We did the same for ‘NHL.’ We completely rebooted and rebuilt that game with a new creative team.

“And while the ‘NBA’ creative energy could’ve happened anywhere, it just so happened that we had some developers in the EA Tiburon studios who were very, very passionate basketball fans. The Orlando Magic literally train 100 yards from our studio there, so we have a big basketball culture built around that creative energy, and what we will deliver will be a fantastic game.”

As soon as details begin to emerge on the game – most likely early next year – we’ll be sure to report them. We’ll also be looking to set up some developer interviews and other preview features as in previous years, so keep it locked right here at the NLSC. We’ve already submitted several Wishlist materials to the new development team at EA Tiburon who were very receptive to our feedback, so hopefully we can do our part in helping the series can make a strong comeback next year. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below or in this thread; you can also check out our main Wishlist here and our supplementary Wishlist materials here.

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EA Sports NBA Wishlist Materials Submitted

Please be advised that we’ve sent in our Wishlist materials to the Dev Team at EA Tiburon with our feedback for EA’s next NBA sim title, which will be released next year. These materials include the main Wishlist, our PC Petition, the results of our Wishlist Survey, a list of features from previous games we’d like to see brought back, a list of features from the NBA 2K series we’d like to see implemented in EA’s game, additional feedback and suggestions based on our reactions to NBA 2K12, the top wishes for gameplay, Dynasty Mode, other game modes and presentation along with a list of other important odds and ends.

You can check out these materials in the EA Sports NBA section of the NLSC Forum. While these lists have been finalised, the developers are keeping tabs on the Forum posts so please feel free to keep posting ideas and feedback in that section. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped out with feedback as well as signatures for the PC Petition. Hopefully, our efforts will have a positive impact!

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Last call for EA Sports NBA Wishlist Materials

Within the next week, we’ll be sending in our main Wishlist materials for the next NBA sim from EA Sports. If you have any constructive feedback for the Dev Team concerning what you’d like to see improved, changed or added in the game, be sure to post it in our Wishlist thread as we’re in the process of finalising it; you can also send in additional feedback via our Wishlist Survey. If you’re a PC gamer, don’t forget to sign our PC Petition which aims to demonstrate our interest in a PC release for future NBA sims from EA Sports, beginning next year.

We’ll also be sending along our reactions to NBA 2K12, to give the Dev Team at EA Tiburon an idea of the things we like in 2K’s game as well as the things we don’t like, so that they can take that into account while developing their game. Please see this thread in the EA Sports NBA section of the NLSC Forum for more info and to post your feedback.

A huge thanks once again to everyone who has helped out with our Wishlist initiatives so far, hopefully we can have a positive impact on next year’s game!

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