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NLSC Vidcast #1 – NBA 2K13: JaoSming vs Leftos

Regular episodes of the NLSC Podcast will resume soon, but for now we’ve got a brand new feature for you: the first episode of our Vidcast, featuring JaoSming taking on Leftos in an online game of NBA 2K13. The guys offer their thoughts on the game and talk about the efforts that have gone in to modding and developing tools for it so far, with Leftos offering some insight into what’s to come.

Watch it below or check it out here on our YouTube channel. If you’re checking us out on YouTube, we of course invite you to like, comment and subscribe for more basketball game videos. Feel free to add your thoughts on our first Vidcast in the comments below, as well as here in the NLSC Hub section of the Forum.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #6

The NBA 2K13 demo is out, so stop playing right now, and listen to our new podcast instead! This week JaoSming and Leftos go through:

  • JaoSming’s and the community’s impressions on the 2K13 demo so far
  • Why the demo may get boring quickly
  • Your and our answers on last week’s Question of the Week; the ’92 vs. ’12 matchup, and the first thing to do when firing up 2K13 for the first time
  • Whether MyTEAM is in the PC version of the game or not

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We’ll be back next week of course, with our first impressions on the full version of NBA 2K13. Until then, join the podcast discussion in the NLSC Hub or the comment section below, and have your say on this week’s Question of the Week about the NBA 2K13 demo, and whether it has got you any more excited about the release of the game.

NLSC Podcast – Da_Czar Interview

Today we’re bringing you a special episode of the NLSC Podcast, with special guest Da_Czar along with Leftos and Pdub. Topics of discussion include:

  • Da_Czar’s motivations for starting SimNation and his experiences with it so far
  • Getting involved in the development of basketball games
  • Features in NBA 2K13
  • Has 2K gone too casual, or does it still cater to hardcore sim fans?
  • Thoughts on NBA Live 13 so far
  • How can NBA Live redeem itself?
  • What needs to happen to take basketball gaming to the next level
  • Thoughts on the modding community
  • And more!

We feel you are really going to enjoy this episode, so go ahead and click that Play button!

A huge thanks once again to Da_Czar for joining us for this special episode. Don’t forget to check out the Sim Citi blog and tune in to Czar’s SimNation Radio every week for more great discussion and sports video game coverage! Feel free to post your thoughts on the episode in the comments below, as well as this thread in our new NLSC Hub section.

Upcoming NLSC Podcast Bonus Episode with Da_Czar

If you’ve connected with us on Twitter and Facebook, you may have seen us drop a not too subtle hint about a special bonus episode of the NLSC Podcast this week featuring a special guest. That guest is none other than Da_Czar, the President of SimNation! As most of you are probably aware, Czar’s Sim Citi blog can be found here and he also has a long running weekly show, SimNation Radio, which our own Leftos has recently been taking part in.

The episode features Pdub and Leftos interviewing Czar on a multitude of topics, as the three of them discuss NBA Live 13, NBA 2K13, the modding community and more. You’ll definitely want to give it a listen, so be on the lookout for it to be posted within the next day or so. Don’t forget that you can discuss and respond to all of our podcasts in the NLSC Hub section of the Forum.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #5

The NLSC Podcast is back again this week to discuss all that’s been going on. Pdub, JaoSming and Leftos go through:

  • The official NBA Live 13 trailer
  • The news that NBA Live 13 won’t be released early October
  • What Live 13 can do to become a viable alternative
  • NBA 2K13 adding just one retro team to the roster compared to last year
  • Its (lack of?) updates in Offline Association
  • EA’s recent job listings and what that could mean for the future of the Live franchise
  • The possibility of 2K having hired a new Senior Online Producer, and whether that could lead into a proper online experience
  • Being able to earn 2K13’s Virtual Currency in any mode, and whether that would lead to “cheating” in MyCAREER
  • The official and olympic NBA 2K 13 trailers, and whether 2K will ever be able to fully simulate the style of basketball of the good ol’ days
  • The second Question of the Week, and it’s a two-fold one!

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Just FYI, the podcast was recorded yesterday, before the 2K13 demo announcement and the confirmation of Crew not being in this year. Don’t forget to give us your comments on this week’s episode, as well as your answer to the Question of the Week, in the comment section below, and the Podcast thread in the Forum. Remember, the Question of the Week is your chance to get fame and lots of money! Well, okay, maybe not.

A second podcast, a very special one actually, will be coming out this week, so keep on the look-out. And of course, we’ll be back next week as well with all the news.

New Forum Section: Podcast Discussion & More

We’ve added a new section to our Forum, the NLSC Hub. This section is similar to the old NLSC & Community Noticeboard in that we’ll be posting site announcements there, inviting community announcements (such as league news and vacancies) and using it for discussion of site related issues such as questions about site features and any technical problems that you may encounter.

However, we’ll also be using this new section for discussion of our new Podcast. Individual threads have now been set up for the four episodes that have already been released and a new thread will be created upon the release of each new episode from now on. You can also use the section to discuss our other content such as the NLSC Wiki, the Soapbox initiative and more. We’re hoping that the new section will provide you all with a means of talking about the podcast and helping us to develop new and better content, as well as resolving any issues you’re having. Find out more about the NLSC Hub here.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #4

The NLSC Podcast is back again this week to discuss all that’s been going on. Pdub, Qballer and Leftos go through:

  • How they’re spending their time until 2K13 comes out
  • All the NBA 2K13 information that came out last week, including:
    • MyCareer immersion features and whether 2K is going the right way with its changes and additions
    • MyTeam being the equivalent of EA’s Ultimate Team, and how interested they are (or aren’t) in it
    • Improvements to Offline and Online Association
    • Their impressions of the NBA 2K13 Gameplay Video put out by IGN
    • 2K going mobile and social with 2K Everywhere
  • The first thing they’re doing when the 2K13 and Live 13 come out
  • And they present the first Question of the Week!

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Question of the Week is a new feature for us, in order to get you, the community, directly involved in the podcast. Each week, at the end of each podcast, we’ll ask a question directed to you. We may or may not give our opinions on the matter when we announce the question, but we’ll be looking through your answers during the week, and the most interesting/smartest/funniest ones will be featured in next week’s podcast! Do your best, and you might just get your answer (and name) called out by your beloved NLSC staff!

Don’t forget to give us your comments on this week’s episode in the comment section below, and the Podcast thread in the Forum. We’ll be back next week with all the updates on your favorite games!

NLSC Podcast – Episode #3

Week 3 of the NLSC Podcast! We said we’d be here, didn’t we? JaoSming and Leftos are your hosts for this episode, in which they:

  • Praise the community’s dedication to NBA 2K12
  • Discuss the concept of NBA 2K13’s Signature Skills, and their favorite ones
  • And fight over whether NBA Live 13 will turn out to be any good

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

This one is so long one of us barely made it through, but how can you get enough of our podcast?

Just so you know, starting this week, we’ll try to give you a list of links to the stuff we talk about in the podcast, so check it out! Don’t forget to give us your comments on this week’s episode in the comment section below, and the Podcast thread in the Forum. We’ll be back next week with the scoop on NBA 2K13’s MyCareer, and much more!

NLSC Podcast – Episode #2

The weekly NLSC Podcast is back! JaoSmingPdub and Leftos are your hosts for this episode, in which they touch upon:

  • All the mods being released for games ranging from NBA Live 99 to NBA 2K12
  • JaoSming being only good at NBA Live 2004 anymore, while getting his ass kicked playing his own mods
  • The NBA 2K13 achievements, and whether MyTEAM could be Crew
  • What has us the most excited for NBA 2K13 so far
  • The NBA Live 13 footage, and whether we’d buy a more polished version of the game we saw
  • What teams we’re most looking forward to playing with and against in this year’s games
  • …and more!

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Starting today, we’re extending an invitation to the community to create your own intros and outros for the Podcast! Put your creative sides to work, use anything that isn’t going to get us into trouble (nothing copyrighted), even abuse soundbites from the podcasts so far if that’s your cup of tea. Upload your creations and give us a link at the Podcast thread in the forums. Don’t forget that you can use the same thread, as well as the comment section below, to give us your opinion about the podcast. Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what you’d like to hear us talking about in a next podcast.

NLSC Podcast – Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of the NLSC Podcast! This is a feature we’ll be looking to do every week, though at this time we’re still sorting out the kinks, experimenting with the format and deciding upon a schedule.

JaoSming and Leftos are your hosts for this first episode, in which they touch upon:

  • The latest happenings in the NLSC Community
  • The NBA 2K13 “preview season”, which is picking up steam
  • What they’re looking forward to in NBA 2K13
  • Thoughts on the impressions we’ve received from the NBA 2K13 Team Up participants
  • The lack of info on NBA Live 13

Click the Play button to listen to the show!

Please note that this was recorded before the release of the second Developer Insight video for NBA 2K13 and the leaked footage of NBA Live 13. Please also excuse the audio quality, this is something we’ll be cleaning up in future episodes. We hope you enjoy the podcast, please leave your thoughts in the comments below as well as in this thread, and stay tuned for the next episode!