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December 18th Official Roster for NBA 2K13 Now Available

A new official roster for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U versions of NBA 2K13 is now available, containing lineups that have been updated through December 18th, 2012. The new update will come through automatically as long as your computer or console is connected to the Internet, however PC users may instead opt to make use of our manual update pack.

As per the NBA 2K Insider, players receiving a boost in the new roster include Kemba Walker, Evan Turner, Chandler Parsons, Andre Drummond, David West and Al Horford. It seems that James White, Maalik Wayns, Darius Johnson-Odom and Luke Zeller have also finally been added to the game. For a video rundown of the latest roster along with a list of players still missing and other changes that still need to be made, see this post over on Operation Sports.

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