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Details on Player Motion in NBA Live 14

NLSC Forum user¬†hiteshom has discovered an article on the EA Sports UK website for NBA Live 14, which reveals more details on player motion in this year’s game. The article is dated September 24th 2013 but curiously does not appear on the US website and has not yet been promoted by EA Sports themselves through their social media channels.

In the article, Senior Creative Director Gary Paterson talks about the use of momentum in sports games and player motion in NBA Live 14. He notes that bounceTek strives for balance between the ballhandler and defender, while accounting for differing player momentum such as low speed turns, jogging turns, aggressive defense and so on. He also mentions that players will be penalised for unrealistic movements, such as trying to stop and immediately run in the opposite direction from a full sprint.

It’s not clear why the article hasn’t been promoted before now but in any case, it contains some good information on the tech in NBA Live 14 and its approach to player movement and momentum. Check it out and post your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the Forum. Thanks again to hiteshom for the heads up.

UPDATE: It appears as though the article has now been taken down.

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