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Discussion with NBA Live Developers; Feedback for Next Year

The cancellation of NBA Live 13 has raised several questions about the future of the NBA Live series. As it stands, EA Sports are currently looking to continue to build upon the game as they eye a comeback next year with NBA Live 14 and as such, they are looking for fan feedback. Two members of the NBA Live Development Team, Postgame and OGSPORTS, have been interacting with us in the NLSC Forum and soliciting feedback in a variety of areas.

We invite anyone willing to give constructive feedback to join in these discussions, as this is a great opportunity for our voices to be heard. Keep your eye on this thread and check out Postgame’s insights here in the thread discussing the cancellation of the game. At their suggestion, we’re also compiling top ten lists of things we want to see in each area of the game. Hopefully we can have a positive impact on the future of the series so please be civil, be constructive and get involved!

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Both from a business point of view, and also from a huge NBA fan (from Malta in Europe) I wouldn’t scrap all the work done on NBA Live 13. The best thing to do now for EA Sports is look at the Market….and guess what ?? Is there any ‘Fifa Manager 13’ type of basketball game around ?? The answer is NO!! So, if EA Sports failed in Simulation NBA games, it should work on getting the best NBA Management game ever !! I’ve been longing to have such a game for so long. Now EA Sports have the NBA license, the player models are there, the courts, cyberfaces and other graphics are all there…they should just work on the Management area of the game (like drafts, contracts, training, sponsors,match dynamics like in Fifa Manager etc)…and produce the best ever NBA Management game !! What do you think Andrew and all those reading my comment ?