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Dumb Fact Monday: NBA 2K14 Patching

This is Dumb Fact Monday, serving up random facts about basketball video games that you may or may not find interesting.

I take pride in how our yearly tutorials forum takes shape each year, but this year I feel I have slacked off by not updating many resources for NBA 2K14. Instead of writing a Dumb Fact Monday article, I spent the time I set aside for this article updating the File Structure Resource; which is key for understanding what each file’s purpose is within NBA 2K14. Grouped with my extensive Video Tutorial Thread and the other great Tutorials we have in our forums, I think anyone should be able to jump into NBA 2K14 modding with a decent knowledge base to reference. If you have any basic or advanced patching questions, please make a new thread in our Patching Help & Requests Forum after checking out these resources.

If you are not looking to get into NBA 2K14 patching and just wanted a dumb fact for the week, I apologize. Check back next week for a proper entry for this series.

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