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Dumb Mondays: Free to Wait in NBA Games?

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a dumb opinion and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

If you haven’t heard of Jim Sterling’s webshow the Jimquisition, I would highly recommend checking it out for his comments on the video game industry. A few months ago he covered the topic of what he dubbed ‘Free to Wait‘ games. These are the games we see a lot of on mobile platforms, where gameplay is halted due to a timer that you can pay real or virtual currencies to speed up. These mechanics have been legitimized simply because the base game is free, but what if this terrible thing started showing up in our annual NBA games?

I was lucky enough to never play a game with this Free to Wait crap in it, both on PC/consoles or on any mobile platforms. Then Trials Frontier came out. If you didn’t know, I hold the Trials franchise in very high regard, I love all the games, and I love the gameplay of Trials Frontier. It does a fantastic job bringing over all the fun parts of the full games…except for the gas ‘feature’.

Unlike every single other Trials game, you have a limited amount of gas that gets depleted each time you start a track. If you run out of gas you have to wait for the tank to slowly fill up, with a maximum of waiting 15 minutes to race with the lowest tier of bikes. To give some perspective, after playing this game for weeks and leveling up accordingly, I could race 8 20-second tracks before running out of gas. Of course, I could drop some real money and fill the tank quicker.

VC Symbol

It sucks, but it was free. Unfortunately, we have seen mechanics of free-to-play games carry over to NBA Live 14 and NBA 2K games with Ultimate Team’s coins and Virtual Currency. So what if free-to-wait is next? What if we have to wait, with our real-world time not simulated time in-game, for career player attributes to increase? Or for trade negotiations to be mulled over? Is this something you could see getting implemented into basketball video games?

Let me know in the comments below, and for any 2K or Live developers that may see this, please don’t get any ideas. Thanks for reading.

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not gonna lie this video player is super smooth

Phreezy P
Phreezy P

^Yeah I agree, don’t know why the framerate was so high lol


I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that in either basketball title. I’m guessing it won’t, at least for the PC/console releases; perhaps a mobile version would go down that route though.

If anything like that did make it into NBA Live or NBA 2K, I’m guessing it’d be Ultimate Team/MyTEAM only. That wouldn’t be too bad as there’d be other modes on offer, but I still have my doubts though, given the uproar over issues with VC in NBA 2K14. It would certainly be met with a lot of complaints and opposition, so my guess is that they’d avoid it…again, at least on PC/console.