Feedback for NBA Live 14 Updates

I’ve reached out to the NBA Live 14 development team and they are definitely keen to receive quality, constructive feedback about the game, as they look to develop further updates and of course, NBA Live 15. To that end, I’ve started a thread here in the NBA Live 14 section of the NLSC Forum, in which I’m compiling a list of the most pressing issues that need to be fixed, beginning with my own observations and feedback.

If you have useful feedback on NBA Live 14 that you’d like to share with the developers, I encourage you to post it in the thread ASAP. All I ask is that you keep any posts in the thread civil, constructive and on-topic, similar to our bug report thread. For any other discussion about the game, please feel free to create a new thread or join in on one of the existing topics.

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i think the game plays better the more you play but the only thing that needs work is animation when the players jump it looks like the game wont let them jump higher than 4 ft sometimes or when some players are trying to shoot and some other animations could use a little more fluidity oh if they could scan more nba player faces and make it look more accurate that would be cool some players look spot on other than that this game is great hope they surprise me