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File Additions for NBA 2K13

As we mentioned in the latest podcast, the modding community has been doing some fantastic work so far for NBA 2K13 as we’ve already topped 250 files for the game in our Downloads section. We’ve got more additions for NBA 2K13 for you all today including a new fictional Draft Class, more court and arena updates, a new global, a 2010/2011 season roster, a fictional jersey for the Miami Heat and several player faces. Download them all at the links below!

Fictional Draft Class by Povilas

Staples Center – Los Angeles Lakers (Updated to v2.2)
The Palace of Auburn Hills (Updated to v2.0)
Verizon Center
Real Backboard 3D Structure

JJ Redick Face by aristotle

Pappisaur Miami Heat Black & Gold Fictional Jersey

Hoely Fix Global

URB 2010/2011 Roster

Black Arm Fix Pack 5
Black Arm Fix Pack 6
Black Arm Fix Pack 7
Larry Hughes (2K11 to 2K13 Conversion)
Jason Williams (2K11 to 2K13 Conversion)
LeBron James Face (2K11 to 2K13 Conversion) (Updated to v2.0)

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