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File Additions for NBA 2K13

The weekend is a great time to get some basketball gaming in and as usual, our modding community has you covered with some great files to enhance the experience. Today we have some more arm texture fixes and converted faces, a pack of new high quality face updates, a 2009/2010 season roster, an NBA Jam-style mod, several court updates both real and fictional, the Portland Trailblazers’ new alternate jersey and a brand new global. Pick them all up at the links below!

As you may have seen posted on our social networking pages, we’ve just topped 300 files for NBA 2K13 in our Downloads section. The enthusiasm for modding this year’s game has been great to see and we’re very pleased to see people making such good use of our upload facilities. Please keep the updates coming!

Children Black Arm Fix
Black Arm Fix Pack 8
Black Arm Fix Pack 9
Black Arm Fix Pack 10
2K11 to 2K13 Conversion – Pack 4
J.R. Giddens Face (2K11 to 2K13 Conversion)

RowdyRondo’s NBA JAM Meets NBA 2K13 Roster

2K13 Cyberface Pack Vol. 1

Fictional Draft Classes Year One and Two (Updated to v1.1)

Charlotte Bobcats Fictional Court
Charlotte Bobcats Fictional Court #2
Milwaukee Bucks Fictional Court

2012/2013 Portland Trailblazers Alternate Jersey

Chicago Bulls Court (Updated to v2.0)

Oracle Arena
Barclays Center (Updated to v3.0)
Quicken Loans Arena 2013 (Updated to v2.0)
Sleep Train Arena (Updated to v2.0)

URB 2009/2010 Roster

Crisis Core Global V1 – W/ SJ1414 HOE Shadow Mod

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