File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

We have three new files for NBA Live 08 from our community today: a fictional red jersey for the Miami Heat by Mr.X and a couple of 2013 All-Star Weekend updates from TanyaMarkovA which include courts for all the events and this year’s East and West jerseys with accurate numbers. Download them all at the links below and look out for the All-Star updates in the new rosters for NBA Live 2005-08 which no, I haven’t forgotten about and yes, will still be coming out as soon as I can possibly make it happen.

Miami Heat Fictional Red Jersey Patch

2013 All-Star Jersey Pack
2013 All-Star Court Pack

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Thank You Andrew and the community for continuing to work on 05-08 roster. Really looking for the release since my laptop can’t handle NBA 2K13, lol.


andrew, any news on rosters? sorry if i’m annoying and don’t ban pls… 🙂


Andrew not trying to pester u, just wan to know you guys are still doing the updates for nba live 06 or only for nba live 08? Coz u guys did a great job in previous update^^
thx for everything u guys did. appreciate it alot.


Quick question, will the roster include rookies for the 12-13 season?