File Additions for NBA Live 2004

NBA Live 2004 Cover Art

Continuing to catch up on some recent additions of long-lost files, the latest batch features a bunch of mods for NBA Live 2004. From rosters to faces, to jerseys and front end artwork, enjoy these recovered patches at the links below!

EA Sports
PlayStation 2 Manual
Gamecube Manual

2008 Atlantic Division Jerseys
2008 Central Division Jerseys
2008 Midwest Division Jerseys
2008 Pacific Division Jerseys

And 1 Army Jersey

Utah Jazz 2004/2005 Jersey Patch

Lotto’s Roster Update

Dwyane Wade Face Patch
Udonis Haslem Face Patch
Draft Class Jerseys
Millenium All-Stars Add-On
2004 Rookie Challenge Roster
2004 All-Star Jersey Patch
Chicago Bulls Fictional Jersey Patch
Denver Nuggets Fictional Jersey Patch #1
Denver Nuggets Fictional Jersey Patch #2
Detroit Pistons Fictional Jersey Patch
Miami Heat 2004 Face Pack
Denver Nuggets 2004 Face Pack
Cartoon Front End Art

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