First NBA 2K13 Developer Insight – Gameplay Part 1

NBA 2K13 Cover Art

2K has released its first Developer Insight for NBA 2K13. While it covers gameplay, it dropped a huge piece of news on all of us: the right stick is now called the “control stick” instead of the series’ staple “shot stick”. They did mention that this is only by default, but the change to 1:1 dribbling on the right stick away from shooting is pretty big for the series. The dribbling and defensive aspects of the gameplay were covered as well, showing that NBA 2K13 will bring back defensive stances from 2K9, except with a much more organic system.

The video and the three NBA 2K13 screenshots of the three coverboys can be seen by hitting read more. As always, share your thoughts in the comments and get into the existing discussions in this Forum thread.



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