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First NBA Live 18 Screenshots & Videos Revealed

NBA Live 18: LeBron James

It would seem that we’re not going to have to wait until EA Play 2017 to get our first proper look at NBA Live 18. While there’s obviously still a lot yet to learn about the game, we’ve got our first glimpse of what it will look like, by way of the first official screenshots and some gameplay videos posted by prominent YouTubers.

The first NBA Live 18 screenshots feature LeBron James, James Harden, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, and Russell Westbrook, and they all seem to be pretty on-point. A lot of advertising for NBA Live at EA Play features Westbrook, so for what it’s worth, it seems there’s a good chance that he’ll be the cover player once again. If so, it would be the first time in the history of the NBA Live series that a cover player is repeated.

Gameplay clips are from cinematic angles, but they do obviously show the players in motion and the new animations that the team has been working on. There’s also some behind the scenes footage from the recent EA Sports event that produced the previously posted off-screen screenshot.

Check out all of the screenshots and videos below after the jump; more will be added as they’re released. I’ve also gone ahead and launched an NBA Live 18 section in the NLSC Forum, so head on over there to join in the discussion, in addition to sharing your thoughts in the comments below. A couple of people in our community will be heading to EA Play 2017 in June, so be sure to post any questions you’d like them to ask, or things you’d like them to look out for, over in this thread. More NBA Live 18 news should be coming soon and we’ll be doing our best to keep on top of it, so stay tuned!

First NBA Live 18 Screenshots

First NBA Live 18 Videos

Watch here on YouTube.

Watch here on YouTube.

Watch here on YouTube.

Watch here on YouTube.

Watch here on YouTube.

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Thank you for summarizing, Andrew!
Player models at the first glance look worse than in Live 16, they are some tiny IMHO. But jerseys wear better. 😉


The movement of players looks a little better.


I’m sorry but that video looks shit. They took a year off and this is the best that they can come up with? What’s up with those eyes? They know how to make great visuals, but not great animations. Still looks stiff. Sigh. I’m not sold on this one. Another year where their Visuals are great, but the animations and gameplay is still trash.


Ur just a hater I see fluid animations gofu