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Huge Amount of Information on NBA 2K14 Next Gen

I honestly don’t know where to begin. There is a recap thread of all the tweets I followed from the press reveal right here. I will attempt to summarize below.

NBA 2K14 next gen is not considered a port, but a new engine called Eco Motion. Minute details like dirt and scuff on the rims, fingerprints on courtside monitors and leg tattoos are in the game. Animations change based on surroundings, no two landings from jumpers are the same, and variable wingspans affect gameplay. NBA Today features video highlights from real life games. There is new presentation, new arenas and lighting is detailed down to reflections and Kelvin units. Coaches have individual AI to affect strategies and Emotion Plus will affect gameplay and players. Players themselves will be unique, with Kobe Bryant being an Alpha Dog, fierce and demanding the ball. High and Low emotions are accounted for. MyTEAM has been confirmed for Next Gen.

MyPLAYERs are cyberface quality and we can even play as a scanned/mapped Da_Czar. MyPLAYERs are used for MyGM, which replaces Association mode. You have to manage players through discussions and can get fired for lack of moral/chemistry. You can even control hot dog prices; Leftos is very proud of the mode.

MyCAREER is cinematic and seems kind of linear and storydriven based. You can make decisions, you have a rival for the rookie showcase and characters are involved as well including buddies and agents. Over 40 hours are required to be put into the mode for the first year alone and evidently it has GTA quality voice acting.

Park was also mentioned, which sounds like my personal 2K wet dream: an “open field of courts” with up to 100 other MyPLAYERs playing against each other. It’s an online mode where users can hang out.

This has got to be the tip of the iceberg. We will do our best to keep you updated, but be sure to check the NBA 2K14 forums for additional details…wow.

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i wish next gen 2k14 comes out for us pc players too… HOPEFULLY 🙂


it’s not. We already have the PC release of NBA 2K14 and it’s current gen. It remains to be seen what happens in the future but if we do get a next gen port for PC, it’ll be coming next year at the earliest (and that could still be wishful thinking at this juncture).