Information on Upcoming NBA Live 14 Videos appears to have let the cat out of the bag in regards to the release dates of the upcoming preview videos for NBA Live 14. According to the NBA Live portal on the league’s official website, the second video will be coming on September 25th, while the third video will be released on October 9th. No other specific dates are listed at this time, but a rough timetable has been provided:

  • Feature Trailer #1: September (First Look Trailer, posted September 18th)
  • Feature Trailer #2: September (TBA, coming September 25th)
  • Feature Trailer #3: October (TBA, coming October 9th)
  • Feature Trailer #4: October (TBA)
  • Feature Trailer #5: October (TBA)
  • Feature Trailer #6: October (TBA)
  • Feature Trailer #7: November (TBA)
  • Feature Trailer #8: November (TBA)
  • Feature Trailer #9: November (TBA)

NBA Live 14 will be released on November 19th in North America, between the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, so it’s possible that the ninth video will be a launch trailer. As for the First Look Trailer, a brief blog entry with some additional commentary on it can be found here over on the official website. Thanks to jmoney777 and DIRK41NOWITZKI for the heads up.

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