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IRB Gamer Reports NBA Live 13 Coming in October via Digital Release

For the past couple of months, there hasn’t been much in the way of news on NBA Live 13, just plenty of speculation. However, IRB Gamer are reporting that the game will indeed be coming out in October as a digital release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, with a price tag of $19.99 or 1600 Microsoft Points.

The info apparently comes directly from an EA representative at the GameStop Expo in San Antonio. The report also quotes the EA rep as saying “(t)he tactic is to get feedback from gamers”, perhaps suggesting that the game will receive several updates before returning to a disc based release next year. It is important to note however that no official public confirmation has come from EA as yet.

What’s your reaction to the news? Post your thoughts in the comments below, as well as this thread in the NBA Live 13 section of the Forum. Thanks to 22cedric for the heads up.

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Disappointed :/


Great move IMO. If what we saw was legit, releasing as a $20 download rather than a $60 disc and gathering feedback is the best of a less-than-ideal development situation. It sucks that the game is in the condition it may or may not be in, but this is much better than a cancellation.


I just hope it comes to regional stores. I’m in Singapore and have always been a Live fan. I can’t handle the controls of 2K at all.


really come on guys i saw loads of comments of people saying ea should just either release the game at 20 or digital release now that it might happen every buddy is bitching the proof that people are haters are just adding up from the game being delayed to being cancelled which they are not to the game might get a price of 20 dollars and digital release for people who say its a waist of time to pick up the game it sucks for people to waist there time or talk about a game that they say is not important to there lives you can erase that from there to do list


disappointed, its almost like paying 20 dollars for a demo,


If not a demo then yes a beta, obviously. We are being asked to pay to beta test a game. Unfortunately I don’t know another way to look at it.

I get the idea to get feedback and then use that feedback to improve the game. However, the fact that you have obviously fallen short of your TWO YEAR goal to start from scratch to get a product to fans that have been waiting for it and with no release of information leading up to what will be an online release only is suspect.

This release has not come from EA officially however with the lack of info and details we have to take what we can get. A leak of a game was spread to the internet and it let fans shaking their heads asking what is EA doing, and EAs only response was that it was an old build. There has yet to be any updated info provided.

So to now give in to release date pressures, to just get something out there and charge $20 for it and then build on that to make it what you expect that is called “beta testing” and most beta testing happens at no cost. Not to mention what features will be neutered from the final product to get it out by an October release date.

EASports. It’s in the beta-test-game.


It doesn’t matter to me what EA Sports does. They abandoned the PC crowd four years ago. Whatever they do, won’t compare to NBA2K13 anyways.