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Linear Street Career Mod Released for NBA 2K14 PC

I have released a beta version of a ‘linear’ street career mod for NBA 2K14 PC. Rather than simply reskinning the NBA game, this mod goes a bit further by trying to replicate the career or story modes seen in the NBA Street console games. When loaded, you are given a 29 game season against generic and NBA players that progressively become more difficult. When you win a game, you can trade away one of your players for someone on the team you just beat. For an added challenge, you can trade away your best player for the winning team’s worst player after a loss. This is all dependent on an honor system of course.

The mod features the Street Uniforms created by our own bigh0rt, and uses many of the Street Courts I have created the past few years. You can try the mod yourself by heading over to the Forum Thread, and for more information, as well as a glimpse of the mod’s gameplay, check out the Mod Review video below. I hope you enjoy!

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