Music Format for NBA 2K13 Figured Out by nesa24

In NBA 2K9 we were lucky enough to figure out how to import our own music into the game, but since then the format 2K has used in their games has eluded us. Thanks to nesa24‘s persistence and dedication in our Forum, he has figured out the format used in NBA 2K13 PC. Once we figure out how to easily import our own music, custom soundtracks will finally be available on NBA 2K’s most customizable version. Depending on whether or not this audio format is consistent between all files, we could potentially edit commentary and other sounds in the game as well.

For now, please head over to this Forum thread and tell nesa24 thank you, because this is a huge breakthrough for the community, four years in the making.

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WHOA. You don’t say. I’ve been waiting for this all my life lol. Not that I wanna mod soundtracks or anything. It’s just a huge step compared to rosters and graphics and all that stuff. That being said, maybe someone can even figure out how to import a custom intro. :O


Awesome news, it’s always great to see another breakthrough. Outstanding work by nesa24. 🙂


No more Jay-Z? 🙁


Hey, nothing says you can’t make a whole new soundtrack comprised of Jay-Z. It just might not be the most popular update. 😉


neso srbine!


Ilajdanine prevarante 😉