NBA 2K Basic Uniform Creation Package & Tutorial

I am pretty terrible at anything to do with textures and one of my bigger projects for the summer required me to create uniforms quickly and easily for my street mods. So rather than beg bigh0rt to make new street apparel for me, I learned enough to make a template package that I wanted to share with the community.

The package should include enough files so anyone can start making uniforms, at any resolution, and have them come out at a decent quality. You do need to be somewhat familiar with GIMP or Photoshop, but some experimentation and maybe a couple of Google searches should be able to get most people up to speed.

The package includes; generic ‘green’ normal map textures that can be used on any uniform; seamless/tileable mesh and other textures for jerseys, shorts, and t-shirts; basic vector linework for home NBA uniforms, shorts, casual shorts, and t-shirts; and a quick palette for create-a-team recolorable uniforms and layer masks. I made a quick, rambling, tutorial for this which you can view below.

You can download the package in the NLSC Downloads Database, as well as the Full Set of 90 uniform sets I created and their DDS files. Everything is being created for use around the next version of Blacktop Revitalization. I hope this helps with beginners getting into uniform patching, enjoy!

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Where is my Hallelujah song!!!

I can’t wait to start this. So many ideas…

Thank you Jao. THANK YOU!

Be on the lookout for Fly Old Guy Fly Season 1 starting Sept on youtube. A spinoff as I was motivated by JaoSming.