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NBA 2K13 Developer Insight #3 – Animations

Motion-captured animation being put into NBA 2K13

2K Sports have released the third Developer Insight video for NBA 2K13, which gives us an overview of the work that was put into animations for this installment. Over 4,000 new animations were shot using full motion capture. The video actually lets you see the work that is put into getting a new animation in the game, stage-by-stage, by showcasing a warm-up stunt acted out by the Team Flight Brothers.

The video also talks about the work that was put in the transition (or “in-between”) animations that are the reason the main animations blend so nicely this year as we saw in the Gamescom videos. The animations team also worked on making sure the distance between a player’s hands and the ball is minimized, so the players will seem to actually hold the ball, rather than have it levitate between their hands. The same work was put on the hands-and-rim interaction, so now you’ll actually see the fingers wrap tightly around the rim, rather than surround it from a distance. Wrinkle maps have also been used to enhance the facial expressions.

As an extra, the 2K Insider makes a surprise appearance, although he’s completely covered by a black color mask and his voice’s pitch has been lowered, to keep his identity a secret. For the few seconds he’s on-screen, he mentions his favorite animations in 2K13, which we won’t spoil for you.

Watch here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video.

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Sounds and looks great. That’s also very cool to hear that they’ve brought in the Team Flight Brothers for the dunk contest, wise move there.