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NBA 2K13 Gameplay Footage from Gamescom

Some brief gameplay footage of NBA 2K13 captured at Gamescom has surfaced, featuring a game between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. The clip shows about 24 seconds of gameplay with the Heat on offense, culminating in Ray Allen finishing the play by knocking down a three pointer, followed by an instant replay.

Watch the video below or check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see it embedded in this post. Thanks to mlp111 and daddy123 for the heads up on the clip in the Forum. What are your impressions after watching the video, along with the brief clips we received in the first Developer Insight? Leave a comment and have your say here in the NBA 2K13 section of the NLSC Forum.

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i wish somebody warned me about nba 2k12 maybe ill just wait until a month or so to see reviews and customer gameplay don’t want to make the same mistake


That was a sick overhead pass. That’s definitely a new feature of the game, right?