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NBA 2K13 PC Video Tutorials Uploaded

I’ve gone through my many NBA 2K12 video tutorials on my personal YouTube Channel and figured out which ones still apply for NBA 2K13. Not stopping there, I went ahead and created six new video tutorials based on NBA 2K13. The newest tutorials include overviews of the Hex on Steroids and Roster Editor tools created by Leftos, how to add a Cyberface to a MyCAREER player, hex editing the roster.iff file to make total conversion mods like NCAA and Street, creating number and letter textures with GIMP, and a rundown of the compatible tools and files from NBA 2K12.

You can find all of the video tutorials in this Forum Thread; feel free to reply with a request for future video tutorials. I am also attempting live streams through my Channel where I will show my modding process, as well as take requests for patches or clarify these video tutorials via the live chat or from replies in this Thread.

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Awesome work man. 🙂