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NBA 2K14 Current Gen Launch Trailer

NBA 2K14 current gen is out now in North America! As you can see from the posts in the NLSC Forum, plenty of people are getting their hands on the game and starting to post their impressions. Not only that but as JaoSmimg mentioned earlier, the art files from NBA 2K13 and all the appropriate art editing tools are compatible with this year’s game, so we’re already seeing work being uploaded to our Downloads section.

If you’re like me and waiting for your copy to arrive, you can get in the mood by checking out the Launch Trailer for NBA 2K14 current gen, which 2K Sports released earlier today. Watch it below or view it here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. Don’t forget to post your impressions on the trailer and the game itself in the comments below, as well as take the discussion to the NBA 2K14 boards. To our talented modding community who have already started contributing their work for this year’s game, please keep it coming!

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