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NBA 2K14 Current Gen Out Today; New Sections Launched

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The current gen version of NBA 2K14 is out in North American stores today, October 1st! The Steam version should hopefully be available by the end of the day, though it appears that international gamers will have to wait until October 4th for the digital release.

With the game coming out today, we’ve opened up new subsections in our NBA 2K14 Forum for our modding community, while also adding new sections for NBA 2K14 in our Downloads database. With any luck, we’ll be able to get an early start on modding as we did last year, so please feel free to make use of our upload facilities if you’re creating updates for this year’s game. All you need is an NLSC Forum account, which is absolutely free and can of course also be used to post your thoughts on the game in the Forum, as well as respond to news articles here on the main page.

If you’re looking for the NBA 2K13 boards, please note that they’ve been moved to the Previous Games section, located beneath the off-topic boards.

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