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NBA 2K14 Developer Diary: Player Rhythm, Personalities & More

NBA 2K14 next gen hit stores last week, but for those who are still waiting to get their hands on the game or would like to learn more about what’s under the hood, a new developer diary has been posted here over on Operation Sports. It talks about the new Eco-Motion engine, explaining how players can get in a groove or find themselves in a slump, not just offensively but defensively as well.

It also explains the Personality Badges, which determine a player’s role and approach to the game, as well as their ability to affect (and be affected by) their teammates. Personality Badges are thus somewhat similar to Signature Skills and indeed six of the Badges were Skills in NBA 2K13. As you progress through MyCAREER, you will be able to unlock Personality Badges for your MyPLAYER and equip up to three of them at a time.

The blog also talks about the significance of certain games, such as match-ups between rivals, players facing off against their former team and more. Check it out for an in-depth overview of Eco-Motion and have your say in the comments below, as well as here in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum.

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