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NBA 2K14 Euroleague Trailer

The official YouTube channel of Euroleague Basketball has posted a new NBA 2K14 trailer, promoting the 14 Euroleague teams that will be appearing in this year’s game. It features clips of all the Euroleague teams playing against one another, as well as a few quick clips of the Miami Heat and cover player LeBron James in action. The trailer also includes a quick mention of the classic NBA teams, which were recently confirmed for the game.

Check out the trailer below or watch it here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. What do you think of the inclusion of the 14 Euroleague teams, as well as the snippets of current gen gameplay footage in the trailer? Have your say in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NBA 2K14 section of the NLSC Forum. Thanks to BossasX for the heads up.

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If they could only get the FIBA licence. Didn’t anyone ever teach you “sharing is caring” EA?
2K + FIBA licence = Near Perfect Basketball Game.


THere are more than 14 teams in the Euroleague right? I am not sure the significance of this except to drive overseas sales?


Would rather have Olympic national teams than this. We need a basketball game with the depth of teams like in FIFA.