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NBA 2K14 Gameplay Footage from Gamescom have posted three brief raw gameplay videos of NBA 2K14 current gen, captured at Gamescom 2013. The videos feature a couple of the Euroleague teams, as well as the Oklahoma City Thunder, playing on the Euroleague court. Of note, the closer three point line appears to be accurately represented, however AI controlled players still tend to stand out at the NBA distance.

The original links are currently down but you can watch all three videos on YouTube, courtesy of VNI from the Operation Sports forums. Check them below or in this thread in our Forum. Feel free to share your impressions of the footage in the comments section below.

Watch on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube.

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4 Comments on "NBA 2K14 Gameplay Footage from Gamescom"

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Still the animation are a bit odd and some passes are also weird

The Worm 91

i see some slight changes..but overall its just NBA2K13 RELOADED!!!

commentating is still the same and as generic as ever..should’ve put Stacy King LOL
scoreboard is pretty much the same too..just got rid of those curls

i wish they work on some of the licensing rights so they can bring back Kareem, Dr.J and the other legends of the game.. 😀