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NBA 2K14 News, Videos, Reviews & Impressions

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It appears that the review embargo has been lifted for NBA 2K14 current gen and thus far, the scores have been promising. Kotaku, GamesRadar, and Bleacher Report have their reviews up with “Should you play this game? Yes”, 9.2/10, and 4/5 being their respective scores. More reviews will inevitably show up today, so keep checking this Forum thread for them all.

FranchisePlaySports has posted some gameplay on their channel as well. This includes some normal matchups, a full-game in the LeBron mode and some MyTEAM (which is console exclusive). You can check those videos out in this Forum thread.

Finally, Aaron Holbert over at Operation Sports has posted his impressions of the game after spending the weekend with it. There are a lot of fantastic AI observations and criticisms about the game in his post, enough that I couldn’t summarize the post effectively in our Forum thread.

This will likely be a busy final week for the NBA 2K community, so keep it locked here on the main page and in our NBA 2K14 Forum for all the latest news on the game.

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