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NBA 2K14’s Pro Stick Shoots, Dribbles, and Passes

An article from IGN covers how NBA 2K14’s new Pro Stick works. Simply enough, tapping the right stick in any direction initiates the dribble moves we know from NBA 2K13, while holding the right stick in a direction triggers the shot stick functionality. Finally, holding LT/L2 (clutch) will change the right stick’s functions to the previously mentioned flashy passes ability.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new control scheme in the comments below, and in this thread in our NBA 2K14 Forum. Thanks to our own Arcane for the heads up.

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Hopefully it’ll work out alright, but I liked last year’s dribbling controls and didn’t feel they needed to be changed. My concern with the tap/hold method is that it’ll be far too easy to accidentally attempt a shot when you’re intending to perform a crossover.


Totally agree Andrew, something about 2k13 dribbles feel sloppy and uncontrollable and stiff compared to 2k12 dribble.


Actually, I much prefer NBA 2K13’s dribbling controls to previous incarnations of Isomotion, which always felt awkward and clunky to me. That’s why I said I liked them in my previous comment. 😉