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NBA 2K15 PC Steam Code Giveaway

We’ve got a Steam Key for NBA 2K15 PC to give away, to the first person who can solve these clues and claim the key. Each clue corresponds to a character in the key, so once you’ve figured it out, enter them with dashes in between each set of five characters (eg 12345-12345-12345). Be the first one to enter the key correctly on Steam, and the game is yours!

Allen Iverson’s Number =
The first letter in Leftos’ first name =
Fourth letter of Jon’s favorite NBA team =
Andrew’s NBA hopes and dreams rely on _. Rose
KG’s number when he was the cover of NBA 2K9 =

The last letter of Jon’s WWE 2K15 MyCAREER wrestler =
Yo. _ao!
Hustle plays get you _ommy Points
An abbreviation of pdub’s favorite NBA team is LA_
Jon’s favorite MomentousCeltic mix was his tribute to NBA 2K_

In the Summer of 2016, the NLSC will be _0 years old.
The 7th letter in Giannis “The Alphabet” last name =
The shape of a basketball rim is _
The most customizable mode in NBA 2K15 can be abbreviated M_
JaoSming’s third post in the NLSC Forum started with this letter =

Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you’re the one to claim the prize!

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where should I put my answer?


Someone leave this for me please lol.


pretty sure I got everything right but it says it’s invalid


I simply don’t get it…


Got it, man the key was 3ETD5-KYTC7-2K0LW, the rim part was the hardest, i had put in rim,oval,circle all that stuff and then randomly i put in a zero and it went through, thanks Andrew


hey r4zor i tried using the code u posted nd it wouldnt work saying it has already been activated. can u send me the steam folder(s)/file(s) that allow the game to be played online? I already have the game downloaded that my friend gave me, but need to go online. email me or inbox me through here or on facebook