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NBA 2K15’s MyLEAGUE Detailed

Franchise modes are the only modes I generally play that aren’t exhibition modes. Seeing the details listed in OperationSports‘ reveal of NBA 2K15’s next-gen league sandbox mode made my mouth drop. We got the return of missing features from NBA 2K14 like create-a-player and local saves, along with brand new sliders and customization options to either help the authenticity of your MyLEAGUE or turn it into a mad house. Difficulty options galore from trades to salary caps to various A.I. settings that aren’t even modable on PC.

The biggest addition has to be the “Injuries 2.0” system, splitting players into 16 parts that can be independently fatigued, injured, and recovered from. Detailed to the point where a slightly injured or worn out player may wear accessories to help an injured body part. Even rookies can have these injuries, and have them scoutable, making the risks of Embiid and Noel something to consider in NBA 2K15.

Best of all, some of these features will transfer to the completely separate MyGM mode. Worst of all, OS stated this is only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of NBA 2K15. At least there are no VC purchases to be made in this mode. Check out the full details by checking the article on OS. Discuss in the Forums or in the comments below.

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Looks like Leftos is leaving his mark on NBA 2K. I remember him and Jao were thinking about doing this last year before Leftos got picked up by 2k. Glad to here about the new adds.