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NBA Live 13: First Look Trailer

EA Sports has released the first look trailer for NBA Live 13. The trailer shows off some of the animations and graphics from the game, but does not reveal a release date, cover athlete, or available platforms for when the game is released. The crowd shown in the video does reveal the return of playoff crowds and atmosphere in the game.

Check out the first look trailer below, or watch it here over on our YouTube channel if you can’t see the embedded video. Feel free to share your thoughts on the trailer in the Forum, as well as in the comments below.

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NBA 2K13 just buried NBA Live 13. This is a joke. Like some cartoon characters.


I recognised some of the clips from the E3 demonstrations, I was hoping we’d see something a bit more recent. There certainly were some stiff animations there which I hope they have or will be able to polish a bit more before the game comes out. A couple of the dunks looked nice, I liked the block by Dwight Howard (perhaps that’s from a later build than some of the other clips?) but yeah, animations need some work.

Faces look fine, body models are a bit off and the lighting/sweat effects are a bit too oily/plastic-like. If they can fix some of the animations, the controls are responsive and the game plays OK then I can get around stuff like that, but that is certainly stuff that needs work. Seeing as how we’ve been able to edit the lighting in previous NBA Lives on PC, I’m guessing they could do some work with that before the game goes gold. Models will probably have to wait another year though.

It seems like there’ll be some good stuff in there, something with potential at least, but more polish is required. Again, I was hoping we’d see some more up to date clips in the trailer, if there’s something a bit more polished in the studio at the moment then it would be a good move to show that. Like I said the Howard block looked a little better than some of the other clips in my opinion, so that’s perhaps a promising sign.