NBA Live 13 Official Site Updated: Features, Platforms, Release Date

The official NBA Live 13 website has been updated with a preliminary list of features. The page currently mentions points such as the game being driven by “Basketball IQ” (possibly the evolution of the Dynamic DNA concept), an all-new Playmaker Engine and world-class animation technology under the heading of “Smart Spectacular Gameplay”. Under “Connecting Experiences”, it mentions “all-new online features that will keep players connected and competing all year long”. Finally, features such as the full ESPN broadcast package and photorealistic faces are mentioned under “Authentic NBA Presentation”.

The release date of October 2nd is also confirmed, which isn’t a surprise as the date had already been confirmed for NBA 2K13 and the games have generally hit shelves on the same day. The official site also lists the platforms that the game will be available on and unfortunately it seems we have confirmation of another console only release, as only the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are listed.

What do you make of the latest info? Sound off below in the comments and in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum.

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To be honesty,i was not very surprised about the ‘no-PC’, i do hope there could be a PC version,but EA really need some time to make a “real” comeback, to take it to another level, so i think it is also what EA thinks about .