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NBA Live 13 Will Not Release on October 2nd

Kotaku’s latest article on NBA Live 13 confirms that the game will miss the October 2nd release date, which is the same date NBA 2K13 will be released. An EA Sports spokesman refused to comment on the rumors of an XBLA and PSN release, provide a general timeframe for when the game will be finished or the features the finished game will have.

The team is making steady progress, and we’re continuing our work on NBA Live…We remain focused on rebuilding this franchise for the future…our plan is to release at a later date. We will share more information in the future.

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6 Comments on "NBA Live 13 Will Not Release on October 2nd"

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not surprised at all!


Coming FAIL 2012!


They should just scrap it altogether, it’s getting embarrassing at this point.


Why? I’m looking forward to having something else to play this year other than 2K13’s “more of the same” gameplay.


but live looks horrid, not graphics, just the jerky, stiff, robotic style, i just cant handle watching the frame-rate issue like that while trying to play it, but to each its on, i havent been able to play a decent live game since 05


With everything that’s happened so far, it’s not a huge surprise that it’s not coming out October 2nd. Hopefully that will be for the best, giving the team a little more time to add polish so that the game can be as good as it possibly can be, given the circumstances.

Although there are similarities to the situation with NBA Elite 11, I have my doubts that it’d be outright cancelled. I know it’s been suggested that it should be scrapped but I don’t agree that would be the way to go, I think that does more damage to the brand than releasing a game that ends up being poorly received. If they can put a game out there that’s at least playable, anything that’s positive or has potential will stand out and of course anything that’s bad and needs to be fixed will be painfully apparent too. That’s something they can build on for NBA Live 14.

Scrapping everything is just going to set them back again. Putting an end to the series altogether, as has also been suggested, isn’t something I’d like to see either. I admit my reasons for that are part sentimental, it’s a game I grew up with and have had fun with over the years, but aside from that I still believe the competition is good for both sides, having a viable alternative is good for the consumer and EA has every right to keep trying if the suits are willing to keep funding the endeavour. Again, put the game out, in the best possible shape it can be, take on board what the consumers have to say and build on what you’ve got. Weather a bad metacritic score if need be, find out what’s working and what isn’t, use that for NBA Live 14.