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NBA Live 14 Developer Blog: Gameplay & Controls

EA Sports have posted a very detailed developer blog over on the official NBA Live website, providing a deeper look at dribbling controls, strategy and signature styles in NBA Live 14. Key points include:

  • The controls include a Turbo/Sprint trigger, so the game will definitely not be taking the same approach as NBA Elite 11.
  • Dribbling moves are performed using very similar right stick movements to previous NBA Live games.
  • Different dribbling moves suit different players, according to their signature styles, speed, quickness etc.
  • Defensive controls include slides and an auto-charge option, which is balanced and carries a risk/reward factor.
  • Several new strategy and coaching options have been added, similar to what we’ve seen in NBA 2K.
  • Defensive AI has also been enhanced.

The blog also features screenshots of the controls and another video demonstrating how to perform dribbling moves. Check it out and take a look at the screenshots below, or here in our NBA Live 14 gallery. Add your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion taking place here in the NBA Live 14 section of the Forum.

NBA Live 14 Controls Screenshots

NBA Live 14 Signature Dribble Moves Video

Watch on YouTube.

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very good controls!!!