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NBA Live 14 First Look Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports have posted their First Look Gameplay Trailer for NBA Live 14 on their YouTube channel. The trailer shows a fantastic wide-angle shot of Madison Square Garden with the visiting Cavaliers and coverboy Kyrie Irving going up against the Knicks.

The gameplay footage itself only reveals the tip-off, a pull-back series of dribbles by Irving, followed by him beginning to attack the rim. Before the finish we get a nice “…to be continued”. The textures, models and minute detail in animations for fingers and facial expressions are spectacular, especially since this is supposed to be 100% pure gameplay footage. Check it out below.

Share your thoughts on this first look at NBA Live 14’s gameplay in the comments below, as well as this Forum thread.

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4 Comments on "NBA Live 14 First Look Gameplay Trailer"

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All flash…


That’s always the way with trailers, though I still feel it looks pretty good. We do need to see raw gameplay though, which is coming soon.


Looks good. If there’s a nitpick, it has got to be the letters on the jersey names, I still think it’s too small.

The Worm 91

i like the way the palm of the hand having some real contact on the ball…unlike has a little space of gap between them..

i wish 2k make that one too in nba2k15 😀