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NBA Live 14 Giveaway

Yes, the preview season for NBA Live 15 is upon us, but we won’t be getting our hands on the game until October 7th…or at least a couple of days later, if you’re like me and live outside North America. In the meantime, if you haven’t given NBA Live 14 a look yet and would like to try out the full version at absolutely no cost, we have two copies of the game to give away: one for PlayStation 4, and one for Xbox One.

To enter, all you need to do is post a comment on this very article, and in no more than 50 words, tell us about your favourite experience with the NBA Live series, as well as your console of choice. To post a comment, you’ll need to register an NLSC Forum account (if you don’t already have one). I’ll be picking the two best answers and naming two winners: one for PlayStation 4, and one for Xbox One.

For further terms and conditions, please see below. The giveaway closes July 1st at 12:01 AM US EDT, so get your entries in ASAP, and good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  1. There is no entry fee, and no purchase is necessary to enter the giveaway.
  2. Participants must register an NLSC Forum account to enter the giveaway.
  3. The giveaway is not open to members of NLSC Staff.
  4. To submit a valid entry into the giveaway, participants must submit a story (no longer than 50 words) about their favourite experience with the NBA Live series, as a comment on the NBA Live 14 Giveaway news post. They must also specify which prize they want (see below).
  5. There are two (2) prizes: one (1) copy of NBA Live 14 for the PlayStation 4, and one (1) copy of NBA Live 14 for the Xbox One. Two (2) winners will be chosen.
  6. No alternatives (cash or otherwise) to the prizes will be offered, and the prizes are not transferable.
  7. Limit one prize and one entry per participant.
  8. The closing date for the giveaway is July 1st 2014, at 12:01 US EDT. No entries received after this time will be valid.
  9. The two winners will be the eligible participants who provide the best response, as judged by Andrew.
  10. All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  11. The winners will be contacted via email and their NLSC Forum usernames will be published on the NLSC main page and in the NLSC Forum on July 2nd 2014, following their selection.
  12. Winners must supply postal details to Andrew within seven (7) days of being contacted. Should a winner fail to provide their details within this time period, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and select a replacement winner.
  13. No personal details/real names will be published on the site, nor will they be sold or provided to a third party. All participants are responsible for any personal details that they make public in their NLSC Forum user profiles.
  14. All efforts will be made to deliver prizes as quickly as possible. However, the NLSC will not be held responsible for any delays related to the postal service.
  15. By entering this competition, a participant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  16. Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions.
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My favorite nba live experience was nba live 05 when they first added the “Dunk Contest” i felt that it was a great addition because it brought style and excitement to the game with the dunk variations and the players getting crunk on the side.(xb1)


My best experience would have to be beating my brother for the first time in NBA Live 2003. I dont think he ever realized that i had changed the sliders in my favor XD. (PS4)


Live2004. That’s where it all started for me ( I’m a young’un) but I loved the game and played it all the time against my uncle who was about 15 years my senior. Just learning how to really play the game and beat him was a great experience! (PS4)


My favorite memory is waking up Christmas morning, getting NBA Live 09 and immediately playing my brother in a 7 game series of Lakers vs Celtics. I was the Celtics and the series went to 7 games. I won of course. (Xbox One)


Hands down its Live 98 when my pops use to thrash me with the miami heat on the ps1. Everytime i hear the theme music i think about Glen Rice 3pt rating on 98…nostalgia at its finest! #memories (xb1)


This to me…is a definite winner! 😀


Live 07 gave us control of dunks with the shot stick! To this day my boy remembers how I would do the t-mac spin move on him and end up dunking all over him. Great memories.



Man, Live has always been in my life. My favorite experience would probably be when it was All-star weekend in 07, and after watching the competitions, we went and played them all-night-long. Of course I won each 3-point competition with my favorite player in Utah, “Memo” Okur.


Without a doubt its playing and still playing NBA Live 10 with my older brother. We are both in our 30’s and just about every weekend since 10 released we’ve been playing. The ability for us both to play online from one console has been some of the best gaming of my life. We only use the Suns with him taking Nash and me taking Amare. I could set manual screens for him and if it wasn’t there a quick give and go or pop out. Our secret weapon was J Dudley who had Kobe like moves and our favorite play Zipper ice. If you played online you most likely played us and if the other team had mulitple players it was too much fun. The servers going down was a sad sad day but that hasn’t stopped us. We play our nemesis spurs now and have only beat them a few times. We are really hoping this online feature is brought back to Live!!


My Favorite NBA Live moment would come from when I first found about modding ability’s on a pc. here on nlsc, the mod would be none other than NBA LIVE 07 – Featuring, BAYAG and many others ( just cant remember ), he is one of the main guys i remember working on this project, it was one of the first mods here on nlsc to turn a complete aspect of a regular game and make it into, one if not the best mod ever made on this website! I’ve been here ever since modding through the years! if nothing more win or lose, Thank you NLSC, for some of the best mods and history of basketball and most of all the creators of those mods, you guys rock!



My NBA Live moment has to be when i got NBA Live 2000 on the pc nearly 15 years ago bcuz of Jordan and coming across this website and many others that have come and gone that introduced me to patching and all the wonderful things it can do for the games.. still have my nba live 2000 too never giving it away lol (PS4)


My favorite NBA Live exprienc was my first live game in 2005, playing with Dwayne Wade and Shaq was so amazing. My eyes lit up when i saw it on christmas morning. (XBONE)


Mine was getting Live 2001 for my new PS1. Since I was a little kid with no previous knowledge of the sport, it was great learning the game of basketball through the game and playing against my dad while he was teaching me the rules, became a fan ever since. (PS4)


The experience was the beginning of the NBA Family… NBA Live 95 on PC. My 2 cousins and brother would come over every day after work and we’d play tournaments until 1am. I think that’s why my ex-wife divorced me! 1st, it was one on one, we switched to the 5 minute quarters to speedup game play, so the losers wouldn’t wait so long. We added rules, the losers mad beer runs to keep them busy. We wanted to Co-op, so I purchased the first multi-controller system on PC (Gravis Grip System) 4 controllers… It was special to see us double team, then go on a fast break. It’s true…. I am a diehard gamer! PC is the best (if you want to call it a console).

While we were banging down low, Andrew started this site and began his amazing project with the game’s 1st updates. I found this site and never let go. Andrew thank you for many, many, many years of consistency and dedication to the NBA Live Series Center and keeping the game fresh and special. EA Sports started it, but it’s Andrew’s baby, they should have paid him for his excellent work!

XBox one version if I am selected as a winner!


My first and best experience with live was when I stole a copy of NBA Live 04 from a local video game store. I just saw the game sitting on the desk and being only 10 years old and having my favorite NBA player Vince Carter on the cover didn’t help. I remember getting home and feeling so bad about it but once i popped it in and started playing i forgot about all that. I was hooked playing as the raptors was a dream. Never before did I play a NBA game and this was amazing and I remember thinking how real it looked (not any more).I cant forget doing the dunk contests and three-point contest which I played a lot. This game got me hooked to NBA games till this day but stopped playing live around like 08 and switched to 2K. (still love live but think 2K is better right now)

PS4 if I win


To enter, all you need to do is post a comment in response to this news bulletin, describing your favourite experience with the NBA Live series in 50 words or less.

My system is XBOXONE.

My favourite NBA Live experiences definitely came prior to online gaming. I remember back in the day when my buddies and I would have weekend excursions to my dad’s basement and would just run our multiple team seasons for hours on end competing 2 on 1 against each other with the sole purpose of trying to either eliminate someone from even making the playoffs but ultimately winning the championship.

What was fun about gaming during that time was the insane amount of exploits nbalive games had that we would abuse against each other when SIM play just didn’t cut it.

I guess NBA LIVE 99 (playstation)which was in my opinion the most balanced visually and gameplay wise (at the time) and gave us a little of things to come.

NBA Live 2001’s intro with the Montel Jordan unstoppable track was cool cuz it gave us the “promise” of things to come with the franchise in terms of graphic quality upgrade. Unfortunately that never really transpired since every incarnation after that was just a roster upgrade with minimal change to the animation, overall look of the game and gameplay.

This is the point I pretty much tapped out and bought a dreamcast to play NBA2K. So all in all I guess my best experiences with live occurred in the early incarnations of the game when your imagination had to compensate for really was happening in the game at times, but more importantly I think it was the competitive experience you could only get with that OFFLINE experience in the company of close friends. Good Times. (Y)


My favorite moment was playing NBA Live 05 All-Star Weekend with my buddies in the dorm all night. The competition was intense and we would laugh and tell jokes to each other when someone did something brutal. I would CRUSH them though and make them mad at me. =]

PS4 if I’m chosen.