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NBA Live 14 Ultimate Team Information

A new blog has been posted over on the official NBA Live 14 website, providing more information on Ultimate Team. The mode, which is making its NBA Live debut this year, allows gamers to build their own fantasy dream teams featuring the best players in the league, as well as a selection of legendary NBA players.

Packs containing new players, jerseys, arenas, coaches and logos can be purchased using in-game coins, which are earned through winning games as well as completing objectives such as dominant team performances and attaining individual player accolades. Fantasy Showdowns, which feature both real NBA teams and a mix of fantasy matchups, additionally provide an opportunity for gamers to win new packs. You can also pit your team against any NBA opponent or take them online to compete against other Ultimate Teams.

The blog touts Ultimate Team as being an evolving experience, mentioning that new Fantasy Showdowns, collectibles and other features will be delivered throughout the season. Check it out for the full scoop and add your thoughts in the comments below, as well as in this thread in the NLSC Forum.

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