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NBA Live 14’s Rising Star Mode Announced

EA has finally released some news on NBA Live 14. The game will feature Rising Star mode, a single player career mode similar to Be A Pro or MyCAREER. In the press release, we find out that the user can choose between positions and position specialties that will guide them over the course of a 25 year career that the mode caps at. There is a special Under Armour Draft Showcase, similar to the one seen in the NBA Elite 11 demo and 2K’s career modes, which decides the player’s Draft stock. Finally, the write-up mentions Rising Star Points as a means to improve skills, which will likely be similar to other career modes.

To see the released screenshot in full resolution, check out this thread in our NBA Live 14 Forum. While there, feel free to share your thoughts on the announced mode, as well as in the comments below. Thanks to ThaLiveKing for the heads up.

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