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NBA Live 15 E3 Q&A with Sean O’Brien

EA Sports has posted Sean O’Brien’s answers to the #AskObes NBA Live 15 Twitter Q&A over on the game’s official website. Although the Q&A was centred around the first screenshot and behind the scenes video for NBA Live 15, Sean also touched very briefly on a few other points of interest. Highlights of the Q&A are as follows:

  • The development team has scanned faces for around 70% of the league, and are planning on scanning the rookies during the NBA Summer League.
  • Currently, the team plans to scan more faces during the 2015 season and push them through along with their other content updates.
  • Specialised character artists have been tapped to create the faces for players they haven’t been able to scan yet.
  • Player body types are being completely re-done.
  • Much attention has been paid to improving gameplay, including the core systems and responsiveness on the sticks.
  • Three big areas of improvement in NBA Live 15: visuals, gameplay, and onboarding (teaching users how to play).
  • More screenshots (and video) coming soon. No exact word on when just yet.
  • Jerseys and accessories will be improved (also being scanned). Scans do not affect cloth physics; two different systems that work parallel to each other.
  • There’s a new approach to lighting in NBA Live 15, which has helped improve the visuals.

Once again, check out the Q&A for Sean’s full answers! Feel free to have your say in the comments below, as well as here in the Forum.

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this is great i kinda love hearing all of the Q&A from the developers love the new way nba live is going starting from the ground up and rebuilding and fixing the core gameplay it’s good that they are talking to fans and taking feedback i think if the developers keeps listening to fans nba live will only get better and improve