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NBA Live 15 Wishlist Reminders

As we gear up for another weekend of basketball gaming, I just wanted to post another reminder about our Wishlist initiatives for NBA Live 15. In addition to our main Wishlist, I’ve also started a separate supplementary Wishlist thread for Dynasty Mode. If you’re a Dynasty Mode enthusiast like me, I definitely encourage you to post your ideas; I believe that I’ve covered most of the basics, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have more than one voice talking about what they want to see in the mode.

The NBA Live Development Team at EA Tiburon are very much aware of our efforts and are keeping tabs on all of the feedback that we post, so our efforts are definitely not in vain. Having said that, a yearly development cycle isn’t going to allow for everything that we want to be added in NBA Live 15, but it’s important that we emphasise the features (and fixes) that we feel are most crucial to our enjoyment of the game. So, be sure to post your Wishlist feedback ASAP, and if you’re still in need of some encouragement, allow me to shamelessly plug one of my recent Friday Five articles in which I discussed the 5 Reasons We Compile Wishlists.

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