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NBA Live 15 Wishlist Thread Now Open

We’re now in the process of compiling our Wishlist for NBA Live 15, to send in to the NBA Live Development Team at EA Tiburon. After talking to a couple of the developers, we’ve changed up the format a little this year, so that we can provide the best and most comprehensive feedback possible.

We’re asking that everyone post their top ten wishes/suggestions for the game (15 at the very most), elaborating on any points as necessary. Remember, simply saying things like “better gameplay” doesn’t tell the developers what we want to see fixed and improved upon.

Check out our NBA Live 15 Wishlist thread here in the NLSC Forum for more details, and start posting your feedback ASAP!

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Rugged’s Top 10:

1. The overall graphics need a make over,look at the graphical detail in the upcoming UFC game,even Madden. The NBA is the one team sport where you can identify a player if you seen them on the street. The game needs to mimic this and I mean on some next level stuff, detailed stadiums, benches even the crowd gets an overhaul.

2. Authenticity the flow of the game needs to be like an NBA game, I need my players to do the things that they do in the real game Carmelo putting 3 fingers to his head after hitting a 3, Lebron doing what he does, free throw rituals need to be on point for every player or at least the majority. Give me spike in the crowd in MSG, give me Jack in LA, give me Jay Z in Brooklyn, take it to the next level. Signature shots and dribbles look like real life counterparts.

3.Game Play: This should have been first but top 3 are each just important, I like where they are going with the game play, we just need to take it up 5 notches smooth animations, really put in a enhanced bounce tek some next level movement. Controls in the post should be easy and a plethora of moves. There needs to be shots upon shots dunks upon dunks, there just isnt enough dunk animations or authentic dunk animations. Alley oops were ok in Live 14, but there needs to be more dynamic involved. Free throw controls need some new controls.

4. Defense blocked shots were not bad, but it just needs to be more fluid along with on ball defense and steals, not crazy stuff like NBA 2k but just more fluidity in the game play should provide a better experience, but post defense needs some special attention along with the throw back in bounds loose ball stuff.

5. Commentary, lets get creative here when ESPN has doubleheaders Van Gundy and Breen cant do both games, give me the choice or just automatically switch up the commentators every few games give me Hubie Brown or maybe we really get creative and get commentating from each NBA teams home arena for instance MSG has Walt Clyde Frazier, now I dont know how much this would cost but it would really be a game changer for me.

6: Camera angles give me multiple camera angles the instant replay angles in Live 14 provide multiple angles to view the replay, they just need to incorporate this into the actual game and even allow you to customize your angle.

7: Cut scenes give me really good cut scenes and stats whose hot who is not during the game this makes all the difference, but also allow me to bypass it by hitting the A button, just give me the option of seeing good cut scenes. Take video of every team during free throws get like 500 different scenes and add them in the for free throws so it never gets old.

8: Season/Dynasty: This should be centered around the ESPN broadcast team and when you are playing the Season or Dynasty you get live look ins and a break down of how the season is going. Season modes dynasty modes that are truly authentic, they talk about what is going on in the season that you are in and the dynasty speaks to years past in your dynasty that you are playing.

9: The halftime show in Live 14 is official, however the replays are repetitive they need to add a player/coach interview at the half and at the end of the game,that would make it more compelling. Also I hate to take something from 2K, but the way they do there replays are great.

10: Roster updates need to happen exactly when they happen no if ands or buts…..


11: Jerseys and sneakers I need every Jersey in the game,Im from Buffalo and the Clippers dont have a Buffalo Braves Jersey major fail.