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NBA Live 19 & NBA 2K19 Wishlist Topics Open

Wishlist Threads Open Now

Please be advised that our Wishlist topics for NBA Live 19 and NBA 2K19 are now open! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with our annual Wishlist – which we now compile for both NBA Live and NBA 2K – it’s an effort to collect constructive feedback on what we want to see in the next game. We prioritise the feedback according to what the community most wants to see added, fixed, and improved, and then send it along to the development teams at EA Sports and Visual Concepts.

The key to compiling a useful Wishlist is to identify the most important issues as concisely as possible, while also elaborating and being specific where necessary. In other words, saying that you want “better gameplay” isn’t particularly helpful, whereas explaining the changes you want to see for a better gameplay experience (without a long-winded rant) is feedback the developers can actually put to good use. The aim is to be clear and to the point, explaining what you want out of the next game without turning it into a 5000 word essay.

One suggestion is to post your top 15-20 suggestions for the game. Alternatively, you may choose to post your top 5-10 suggestions in different categories (gameplay, career modes, franchise modes, online, etc). As long as it’s constructive and comprehensive feedback, we’ll be able to reach some sort of consensus as a community, and provide the development teams at EA and VC with an idea of what we most want to see in NBA Live 19 and NBA 2K19.

Pre-production is obviously already underway on both titles, so we want to get our feedback in as soon as possible. As such, if you’ve got ideas and suggestions for this year’s games, start posting them now! I’ll be sure to post some reminders over the next few weeks, as well as a bulletin when we’ve officially submitted each Wishlist.

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1. Unranked games with qrt and slider adjustments
2. Pick any espn camera angle you want regardless of arena so for example the sac kings camera angle can be used at the Pistons arena.
3. 50 foot passes should get picked off more often.
4. More offensive fouls when you hold turbo and ram into other players.


I’ve got 5 so far from what I can think of off the top of my head (for NBA 2K):

1. FIBA integration in myLeague/myPlayer – Every two years in the offseason there should be an optional ability to play in the FIBA World Cup. For myLeague you can pick the country you want to play with during the world cup. If the coach of your user controlled team is chosen as the coach of that national team you get to build the team through invitations. Your coaches status will dictate which national team he will be invited to coach. Elite level coaches will be offered Team USA, Spain, etc. Players can decline invitations to your team (i.e. an aging LeBron James may not want to play for team USA to save his legs). For myPlayer you get to play for the country of your origin based on your performance in the NBA. You also have the option to turn down invitations to play for your national team and skip the World Cup altogether.

2. Improved search engine for expansion teams – I would like to be able to search by City or Nickname, or sort the list by number of downloads, or filter by historical, current, or fantasy teams.

3. Create and entire myLeague from scratch – If I want 32-38 custom teams, I should be able to use 32-38 custom teams.

4. Roster size minimum down to 8 – NBA Live games of the past had this feature. It makes moving players around from roster to roster much easier.

5. G-League – Bring back the G-League and be able to do a G-League expansion for teams without a G-League affiliate for a true minor league system. 32-38 NBA teams should each have their own G-League Affiliate. And let us play the G-League games as well (see MVP Baseball 2005)

Milan Klimovic

Nba live 19 1.rychlejsi hra a aby hraci naskakali lehce jak balonky ve 2k19 1.blacktop vic venkovnoch curtu a ne jenom noc i prez den,plaz atd a vic na vyber tricek i klasickych dresu nba.2.suns s barkley a pacers regie miller, all starsvic tymu predoslich jako treba 1992,1995,hlavne 2001 ten byl nej,2003,2004, atd


1- a more in depth my player without having a story already paved and directed like the past few year. Maybe no story at all. Just signature deals, sponsorships, and media interactions.
2- nba live to implement an ultimate team feature with different challenges to get different players without flooding it with micro transactions.
3- more fluid animations that are more difficult to predict and abuse like blow by animations when dribbling.

Charlie Murphy

This is for live because let’s face it…Live is more likely to innovative new ideas. There’s already 5 on 5 my player game option’s for both games. Make a Franchise that multiple my players can play in. Like in 2k you can have a proam team with about 9-10 players on the roster. Keep that format but allow players to do franchise together. Like in NBA league play so many games, and then a playoff then finals. There’s no reason why something like this can’t be innovatived. Have x number of teams enter a franchise. You don’t need a schedule but you’ll need to play so many games per week. Allow a teams to play so many games and most wins get you into playoffs. Best teams enter playoffs. If you don’t play your disqualified. After finals and everything move teams most likely to play into other franchises. This will increase chances of players/teams playing. Disqualify teams who don’t play…keep doing this till divisions are made with teams that are consistent


1)According to NBA live gameplay they should add more physical to the characters and to the ball like in fifa 18. Then they should add more dribble moves and more post moves with more efficient and fluent. They should also renew there shooting and add to characters there signature shoot with a timing. The passes should be renew too.
2) According to my carrier they should add a my court place for training and playing with friends
Possibilities like on 2k. And we need a better carrier history.
3) They should also renew the commentary and the general behavior in the arenas.


Mycareer should have branching storylines that lead to confrontations, rivalerys, power team ,villains and hero storyline, etc. An example, if you trash talk someone with the expressive badge on social media the next game their ai should change from normal to cook session. This could lead to heat check from both player. That pure realism.


Also for 2k, they should improve models in the game especially for the historic players. There no excuse for this because a modder made 50 to 80 new and better models in the first 2 weeks of the game.


Being able to select a specific person to guard a specific player rather than having to switch positions to match up. Example instead of having to match up all SF guarding SG I should be able to just have kawhi matched up against harden when he’s in. And this is for live btw.


1. Bring back server lobbies. Matchmaking sucks in Live since its return in Live 14
2. Allow for Clubs/Guilds in NBA Live. With that allow for custom logos and uniforms for clubs and hold club events, tournaments with rewards
3. Implement a story mode like in FIFA. The story should start in HS and progress through college and into the pros.
4. Franchise mode should have commentary that encapsulates your entire career through retirement. Every season should feel different and the commentary should reflect that.
5. All game modes should encompass the WNBA as it does the NBA.
6. We need a full practice gym where we can select and run plays without a defense. Something similar to what Madden has. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
7. Partner up with Spotify so we can create our own playlists.
8. Put a 3rd man in the broadcast booth ie: Mark Jackson
9. Halftime and Post game highlights need to be more than just Jalen’s voice overs. We need it to be more like a TV broadcast. More visuals.
10. Pro Am and Live run need to have 4 quarters as well as point limits.

Angelos Kralis

NBA LIVE 19 (PS4 console).
A) The game needs serious improvement in the on-line modes. The game developers should just make a copy of how fifa18 on-line works and adopt it on the nba live game. Key features should be:
1. on-line seasons : you begin in division 10 (as in fifa) and you move on ….the matching criteria should be exactly as in fifa…..the opponent will be in accordance to the team & the experience you have…..
2. on-line ULTIMATE TEAM: exactly the same as in fifa….you begin in division 10 and you have a bronze/silver team…your match will be with players with similar characteristics…..

there should be also an option to play (on line) with better teams (and/or from higher division) for getting higher rewards…..

B) salary cap in Ultimate Team
c) the overall grade of your team in all modes should take into account and the coach